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  1. I figured I'd check in again. I know that it's a long shot and the odds of someone still having a Celebi from almost 20 years ago is incredibly slim.
  2. Nope, just happened to see the video from Helix Chamber while scrolling through their twitter page earlier today. What video are you referring to?
  3. Sorry to bump this but, I found some interesting stuff. Thanks to Helix Chamber's collection of Pokémon Spaceworld '97 footage, there's actually footage from the Mew Machine area. I also found a version of the Guidebook on Archive.org. One of the pages has info about the Mew distribution. Working to see if I can get an actual scan of that page from someone.
  4. @Metropolis I was wondering if you were ever able to add Japanese save file support? I've always wanted to try and move the SpaceWorld '97 Mew beyond Crystal.
  5. Oh, I know. The PCNY collection is pretty awesome
  6. Yeah, I kinda figured it was a long shot. Ah well.
  7. Hopefully this is the correct place for this. So, back in the Summer/Fall of 2001, Celebi was given out at various Six Flags locations as part of the Pokémon Fun Fest. The Celebi that I got from the Agawam Six Flags was still on my copy of Crystal when it died. This is probably a long shot. I'm wondering if anyone has any save from GSC that still has a legit Pokémon Fun Fest Celebi on it?
  8. This is awesome! Here's a clearer look at the Mew distro machine as well as the interesting sprite. It's the exact same sprite as the one used in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
  9. How do you get around the rival battle at the beginning? Is there a cheat for it?
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