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As part of this year's annual Christmas releases to the Pokemon event community, today we present the first Mew ever known to be preserved from the distribution held at SpaceWorld 1997. Not only is this our first Mew from SW97, it is also the oldest/earliest pokemon event we've ever had the privilege of preserving. This Mew was recently discovered through a post on Reddit by u/salinbreezy, in which he shows the Mew on a Japanese Blue cart that he found at a thrift store alongside several other Japanese Pokemon cartridges. I'd like to give special thanks to @suloku and @HaxAras who both emailed me in late September to inform me of it, while suloku asked me to contact salinbreezy myself to counter the time and expense of overseas shipping. Thankfully salinbreezy happily agreed to ship me his cartridge to allow me to dump the savefile. After direct examination, we're positive that this Mew is very likely legitimate.

This Mew was distributed like most events of the era, by a "Mew machine", which as we know distributes identical Mews with TIDs incremented by 1 to the player's party. Bulbapedia provides a bit further information on the event, stating: To be eligible to receive a Mew, players had to submit an application postcard; only 100,000 people were able to receive this Mew. While originally going to be run from November 22 to 23, 1997, the distribution was later extended to the non-exhibition day November 24, 1997.

While this is the ヨッシー (YOSHI) OT variant of the SW97 Mew, one of the other known OT possibilities is ルイージ (LUIGI). This is TID 15219 of the ヨッシー Mews.

Again, I'd like to thank salinbreezy for allowing us to preserve this Mew. It may very well be the only Mew we ever see from SpaceWorld 1997, as the life of the batteries retaining these old savefiles are at their very end. Japanese events from Generation I and II are extremely rare as it is, and to date the only other Japanese events from the era that we've preserved are four マクハリ (Makuhari) Mews from SpaceWorld 1999.


salinbreezy's image from Reddit:



Dumping salinbreezy's Japanese Blue cart:



SpaceWorld 1997 Mew Promotional Advertisement:



In regards to further event rarities being released this year, there may be more to see tomorrow elsewhere on the internet 🎁😉

151 - ミュウ - 15219.pk1


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3 hours ago, celebi23 said:

Sorry to bump this but, I found some interesting stuff.  Thanks to Helix Chamber's collection of Pokémon Spaceworld '97 footage, there's actually footage from the Mew Machine area.  I also found a version of the Guidebook on Archive.org.  One of the pages has info about the Mew distribution.  Working to see if I can get an actual scan of that page from someone.

Did you find this video from the comments on the Hard4games video? Just wondering haha

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2 hours ago, Gridelin said:

Did you find this video from the comments on the Hard4games video? Just wondering haha

Nope, just happened to see the video from Helix Chamber while scrolling through their twitter page earlier today.  What video are you referring to?

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