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  1. This was only distributed on Japan. But essentially every Mew distribution from Gen 1 have the same Individual Values. As for English releases, this are the known OTs: YOSHIRA, YOSHIRB, YOSHIBA, YOSHIBB, HAMBURG, AUSTRIA, DENMARK, BENELUX, FINLAND, NORWAY, EUROPE, SWEDEN, NINTEN, LUIGIC, YOSHIC, LUIGIW, LUIGIE, FRANCE, LINKE, LINKW, MARIO, NAL, AUS, ASH, D-J, UK This Mews hasn't been dumped as far as I know: BENELUX, NINTEN, LUIGIC, YOSHIC, AUS, ASH, FRANCE Also found other Mews but I'm not sure if they're legit due to lack of information: GREECE, SUISSES If you like to play a bit, I also recommend this tool which allows you to trade between Gen 1 and Gen 2 without language barriers: https://bluemoonfalls.com/pages/tools/trade-sim Or just use PkHex and copy some stuff.
  2. You can do this simple glitch, no need to reset the event.
  3. The only known copy of Nintendo Power Surfing Pikachu is in this post: And this one post that hasn't been dumped but it's evidence.
  4. Another French certificate. Link to post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CI05sU_Hziy/
  5. I suspect the Mew Machine used this color palette, while using the SGB menu on bsnes. Also by looking at that moment of the video, I noticed that some text in japanese is blinking on the border, not sure what it says but it's new for me. You can see the text blinking on the bottom: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2zoyzo (32:23)
  6. Nice project! Funny thing is, this year I've made a Pokémon Blue rom hack which visually recreates the Mew Machine (OT name can be custom) but I haven't implemented the part to add Mews to the reciever's party. https://i.imgur.com/8niLNKx.mp4
  7. That proves my theory of the IVs to be false, but that perfectly explains the Defense to be so elevated from 1. (Also for some reason the Defense EVs are very high) Also by looking at both contributions, we can tell that probably the 1000 YOSHIRA "PIKCHU"s were distributed between 4000-6000 Trainer IDs.
  8. Someone has/had a YOSHIRA Pikachu from Nintendo Power. This is just pure speculation, but look how the IVs match with the distribution Mew. An example from a Pikachu raised from LV 5 to LV 24, with Mew IVs, the stats result are very close to the original photo, just by a few points of difference: I suppose this Pikachu was made with the same Special/Mew Distribution Machine, they just changed the Pokémon, nicknamed it to PIKCHU and give them the moveset.
  9. Just a little information regarding Surfing Pikachu.
  10. I can't tell if it's a legit or a hacked one, just shared the picture for archival purposes, I guess the most important step for this is find a way to backup your save file before the battery dies. My suggestion, get a GB Operator, the Joey Jr used to be the most cheap option but nowadays is around $60, GB Operator is around $45. https://www.epilogue.co/product/gb-operator If you can't afford it, contact someone who owns a device to dump the save file.
  11. Don't know if this was shared before, but seems to be the same page but translated, as well a lot of scans and info regarding the event, here: https://pokumon.com/tamamushi-university-magikarp-campaign/
  12. Another possible CoroCoro Mew in an imgur post. https://imgur.com/gallery/muczvfS
  13. You can use the search tool in the posts of this site, because this was already mentioned before. Still we can't be sure 100% of everything yet.
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