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  1. Nice project! Funny thing is, this year I've made a Pokémon Blue rom hack which visually recreates the Mew Machine (OT name can be custom) but I haven't implemented the part to add Mews to the reciever's party. https://i.imgur.com/8niLNKx.mp4
  2. That proves my theory of the IVs to be false, but that perfectly explains the Defense to be so elevated from 1. (Also for some reason the Defense EVs are very high) Also by looking at both contributions, we can tell that probably the 1000 YOSHIRA "PIKCHU"s were distributed between 4000-6000 Trainer IDs.
  3. Someone has/had a YOSHIRA Pikachu from Nintendo Power. This is just pure speculation, but look how the IVs match with the distribution Mew. An example from a Pikachu raised from LV 5 to LV 24, with Mew IVs, the stats result are very close to the original photo, just by a few points of difference: I suppose this Pikachu was made with the same Special/Mew Distribution Machine, they just changed the Pokémon, nicknamed it to PIKCHU and give them the moveset.
  4. Just a little information regarding Surfing Pikachu.
  5. I can't tell if it's a legit or a hacked one, just shared the picture for archival purposes, I guess the most important step for this is find a way to backup your save file before the battery dies. My suggestion, get a GB Operator, the Joey Jr used to be the most cheap option but nowadays is around $60, GB Operator is around $45. https://www.epilogue.co/product/gb-operator If you can't afford it, contact someone who owns a device to dump the save file.
  6. Don't know if this was shared before, but seems to be the same page but translated, as well a lot of scans and info regarding the event, here: https://pokumon.com/tamamushi-university-magikarp-campaign/
  7. Another possible CoroCoro Mew in an imgur post. https://imgur.com/gallery/muczvfS
  8. You can use the search tool in the posts of this site, because this was already mentioned before. Still we can't be sure 100% of everything yet.
  9. Another find on twitter regarding CoroCoro Mew.
  10. Seems like someone on twitter got Certificates without any writing on them: https://twitter.com/nilhya_/status/1441705778168012803/photo/1
  11. Going back to MARIO Mew. This are a few images from different sources (most of them are from Twitter). Just sharing this because in the future years we can acknowledge a part of the range of the Mews that were distributed. 51259 is the lowest ID I've seen. (Sold on ebay I think) Followed by 51273 (which is the one of this post) 51292 (From Imgur, and the one of the letter from this post) and 51295 is the highest seen yet. (From Twitter). According to this distribution, 151 Mews were distributed. For sure some of them were between 51259 to 51295. Edit 7/17/2022: This one was also found on twitter, hard to read but seems that the ID was 51352. Now the range of 151 Mews could had been between 51259 and 51352. Given this evidence, I'd like to believe that the distribution started at 51210 or 51250, and they were incremented by 1 each one, but this is just pure speculation.
  12. Another Sweden Mew found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guendolin13/status/724284877072412672/
  13. I think @theSLAYER meant here, since that other link is for information about Japanese Contributions: You can upload the save or the Pk1 file by extracting it with PkHex, both methods are valid!
  14. Well, great to know! Another possible Corocoro Mew: And a Makuhari Mew (Spaceworld '99): And another possible CoroCoro Mew:
  15. According to the next replies of this tweet (Translated by Google, which could be wrong) it goes by: "一番最初のミュウプレゼント(応募者全員)ですね。ポケモン赤を小学館に郵送してミュウを入れて戻ってきたものです。識別用のシール貼ったままになってます。" "It's the very first Mew present (all applicants). I mailed Pokemon Red to Shogakukan and returned with Mew. The identification sticker is still attached." And matsuru12 is still using Twitter, so there's a possibility to archive this. (I assume the red numbers could be the ID) Also this seems to be some sort of documentation of CoroCoro Mew (again, translated by Google): "コロコロの懸賞でミュウ当選時に来た、オーキド博士からの手紙。家宝。ポケモン発売から半年ちょいだが、既に続編の話が出ていた。" "A letter from Dr. Orchid (Professor Oak) who came when Miu (Mew) was elected in the Korokoro Sweepstakes. Heirloom.It's been half a year since Pokemon was released, but the sequel has already been talked about." Another one found (Sorry for the long post): "物置の整理してたら初代ポケモン青赤とGB本体出てきた約20年ぶりに起動したけど、データ生きててコロコロのイベントで貰ったミュウも健在w手持ちで最新のホワイト・プラチナあたりに移せないか調べてみたけど無理っぽい…ちょっと残念だけどこのまま処分かなぁ" Translated by Google: "When I arranged the storeroom, the first Pokemon blue red and GB body came outIt started for the first time in about 20 years, but the data is alive and the Miu I got at the Korokoro event is still alive.I tried to find out if I could move it to the latest white platinum on hand, but it seems impossible ...I wonder where to dispose of it, just a little disappointing" Judging by the stats it looks legit, but that OT seems different than any other before. Edit: OT is ドンキー (DONKEY) it could be possible that it references Donkey Kong. (ドンキーコング)
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