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  1. Yeah, seems legal to me. Would you be interested in sharing the save file for preservation?
  2. It's possible, you should check the IVs of Mew, if the saves are on your PC, load the save file on PkHex and check if the IVs are: HP 5 Atk 10 Def 1 Special 5 Speed 12 On the previous ヨッシー Mew we had from Space World '97 those were the IVs, most current known Mew distributions has those.
  3. Could someone please add this savefile to the Event Gallery? It's the only NAL Mew we have. Also YamiM's contribution of DENMARK Mew haven't been added.
  4. Hi, just letting the admins/mods know this UK Mew haven't been added yet to the Event Gallery
  5. AUSTRIA Mew found, don't have mentions of the Event Online, OP says it will dump the save file when the card reader arrives:
  6. Recent finding, a twitter user claims to have a Nintendo Power Mew but for some reason it shows the Yoshira (Toys R Us) Mew: https://twitter.com/NPNG_DrTiger/status/1185637118112141312/photo/1 mod edit: uploaded image here, cause twitter user can remove it at anytime. I also added the page to webarchive. /modedit end.
  7. I don't know if this has been posted before, it's similar to the Celebi CoA, found it on twitter but I don't have the link:
  8. How I wish that at least it exist one screen of the stats or a dumped save file. Cool finding! A little bit off topic. I think the University Magikarp is only one that can beat this challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzN9wMTgVzk
  9. Sadly I can't read anything because of my screen/the low resolution. I can only suppose it's a zero again because the English Distribution Machine also has it. I post how it looks on the Distribution Machine (mockup obviously) and in the Japanese ROM for comparison. The trainer is スペース so the Machine is from Spaceworld 2000. Mockup Distribution Machine. In final game.
  10. The ID Number has a 0 in the beginning which isn't available on the other versions. I made a mockup screen based on that one some time ago.
  11. Just found this info on twitter, it's in german but is another picture of the Mew Machine: https://twitter.com/jpgames_de/status/1070066332354400258/photo/1 Posting the pic here in case the tweet gets deleted in a future.
  12. Sorry for the double posting. I think the Debug matches most of the Scenario 4, because: You recieve Mew at Level 5 right in the start, and the Debug allows you to Fly and access anywhere in the game to train Mew to level 39. Still is just an idea to think that the NINTEN Mew of the Magazine is a Debug Mew, but it could work. @Poke J I add the .sav files now for the testing. BLUEMONS (0).sav BLUEMONS (1).sav BLUEMONS (2).sav
  13. In the BLUEMONS rom you just press select in the Start Screen. It's that simple.
  14. I recently was checking the BLUEMONS rom leaked a few days ago and saw that a NINTEN Mew can be generated from the Debug option. I suppose (can't confirm) the NINTEN Mew shown on the Nintendo Power Magazine was generated this way and that explain the odd stats. Just to make sure, I made 3 different saves. In my first attempt (DEBUGMEW0) the Stats were: HP: 25 Atk: 15 Def: 15 SpC: 15 Spe: 15 And immediately remembered the Magazine screen and how almost all Stats were around 90~ so I imagined the Stats were constant just like the other Mews and this could be the final piece to solve the mistery of the NINTEN Mew Stats, but in my next attempt I discovered the Pokémon Stats and Trainer IDs change at random. Just leaving my .pks here for research. DEBUGMEW0.pk1 DEBUGMEW1.pk1 DEBUGMEW2.pk1
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