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  1. Sounds to me like your SD card just died. Pkhex would have basically nothing to do with a sd card corruption. Especially since its been wiped and still doesn't work. As the poster above me mentioned make sure you are properly removing the sd card with the ds off.
  2. I'll never leave this site, just in the hopes to see things like yours. Very nice you found them with the save files intact.
  3. yeah unfortunately I am waaaaay past 3 gyms at this point. Will keep that in mind in the future though. Have been scheming on maybe picking up a copy of shield for this kind of thing.
  4. So sad that I missed the opportunity to snag one of these!
  5. Thanks for everyones work on this! I really enjoyed both videos.
  6. Thank you! this code is used “U90132R3CND9UHGL”
  7. I usually just lurk and never log in. But I reset my password just to express how awesome this is! Thank you!
  8. Awesome. I thought this might be what I needed to do. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Pretty much a newbie here. How do I go about adding and then taking out the two rows of zeros.
  10. Does anyone still have this convertor? I'm assuming it was a file that was lost during the hack.
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