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  1. Another Sweden Mew found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guendolin13/status/724284877072412672/
  2. I think @theSLAYER meant here, since that other link is for information about Japanese Contributions: You can upload the save or the Pk1 file by extracting it with PkHex, both methods are valid!
  3. Well, great to know! Another possible Corocoro Mew: And a Makuhari Mew (Spaceworld '99): And another possible CoroCoro Mew:
  4. According to the next replies of this tweet (Translated by Google, which could be wrong) it goes by: "一番最初のミュウプレゼント(応募者全員)ですね。ポケモン赤を小学館に郵送してミュウを入れて戻ってきたものです。識別用のシール貼ったままになってます。" "It's the very first Mew present (all applicants). I mailed Pokemon Red to Shogakukan and returned with Mew. The identification sticker is still attached." And matsuru12 is still using Twitter, so there's a possibility to archive this. (I assume the red numbers could be the ID) Also this seems to be some sort of documentation of CoroCoro Mew (again, translated by Google): "コロコロの懸賞でミュウ当選時に来た、オーキド博士からの手紙。家宝。ポケモン発売から半年ちょいだが、既に続編の話が出ていた。" "A letter from Dr. Orchid (Professor Oak) who came when Miu (Mew) was elected in the Korokoro Sweepstakes. Heirloom.It's been half a year since Pokemon was released, but the sequel has already been talked about." Another one found (Sorry for the long post): "物置の整理してたら初代ポケモン青赤とGB本体出てきた約20年ぶりに起動したけど、データ生きててコロコロのイベントで貰ったミュウも健在w手持ちで最新のホワイト・プラチナあたりに移せないか調べてみたけど無理っぽい…ちょっと残念だけどこのまま処分かなぁ" Translated by Google: "When I arranged the storeroom, the first Pokemon blue red and GB body came outIt started for the first time in about 20 years, but the data is alive and the Miu I got at the Korokoro event is still alive.I tried to find out if I could move it to the latest white platinum on hand, but it seems impossible ...I wonder where to dispose of it, just a little disappointing" Judging by the stats it looks legit, but that OT seems different than any other before. Edit: OT is ドンキー (DONKEY) it could be possible that it references Donkey Kong. (ドンキーコング)
  5. The article refers to a journalist called Daniel Miller from Australia, which we could possibly still contact somehow.
  6. I've just find out that ASH could be a Legit Mew. According to this site, it was distributed through mail: https://www.vooks.net/lite-remembering-pokemon-digital-distribution-1996-style/ I'll add the images for archiving purposes.
  7. My advices for preserving the save file: https://submodule.co https://bennvenn.myshopify.com/products/usb-gb-c-cart-dumper-the-joey-jr https://www.epilogue.co/product/gb-operator
  8. Mews found on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRtjhvAhKy7/ OT is HAMBURG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSH8OFHCBIP/ BENELUX Mew (This one also has "Mew Inside" stickers): Finally, this SWEDEN Mew was found on Facebook:
  9. Interesting! I'll be waiting for that video Recently I talked to someone who was at those distributions that the Distribution Machine he saw had a inside printer for the certificates. Something that hasn't been mentioned yet. This was the tweet where it was mentioned:
  10. Found another UK Mews on Instagram, apparently, the battery of one of them died after taking the picture. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHkXK07AY7O/
  11. And more contributions, this time with a French Mew Certificate: https://twitter.com/SiteEternia/status/1333102879356366850/photo/1
  12. I also do shiny hunting on Gen 3, I just like Gen 2 too much to replay it along the years or trade to another rom hacks, I do not intend to transfer for the moment. Still, I did a test and moved my Shiny Suicune to Pokémon Moon with PkHex to see how it worked, and yeah, it was pretty cool.
  13. I used 1 YOSHIRA Mew shared on this site for my Pokémon Blue run. I also traded Charmander and Zapdos from the Twitch Plays Pokémon savestates. Someday I will upload it to my Blue Cartridge. It was a fun experience. Also in Gen 2 I've been doing some shiny hunting, I use PkHex to preserve my shiny Pokémons for future Gen 2 runs.
  14. I saw your tweets a few weeks ago, thanks a lot for uploading it here!
  15. Yeah, seems legal to me. Would you be interested in sharing the save file for preservation?
  16. It's possible, you should check the IVs of Mew, if the saves are on your PC, load the save file on PkHex and check if the IVs are: HP 5 Atk 10 Def 1 Special 5 Speed 12 On the previous ヨッシー Mew we had from Space World '97 those were the IVs, most current known Mew distributions has those.
  17. Could someone please add this savefile to the Event Gallery? It's the only NAL Mew we have. Also YamiM's contribution of DENMARK Mew haven't been added.
  18. Hi, just letting the admins/mods know this UK Mew haven't been added yet to the Event Gallery
  19. AUSTRIA Mew found, don't have mentions of the Event Online, OP says it will dump the save file when the card reader arrives:
  20. Recent finding, a twitter user claims to have a Nintendo Power Mew but for some reason it shows the Yoshira (Toys R Us) Mew: https://twitter.com/NPNG_DrTiger/status/1185637118112141312/photo/1 mod edit: uploaded image here, cause twitter user can remove it at anytime. I also added the page to webarchive. /modedit end.
  21. I don't know if this has been posted before, it's similar to the Celebi CoA. Source:
  22. How I wish that at least it exist one screen of the stats or a dumped save file. Cool finding! A little bit off topic. I think the University Magikarp is only one that can beat this challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzN9wMTgVzk
  23. Sadly I can't read anything because of my screen/the low resolution. I can only suppose it's a zero again because the English Distribution Machine also has it. I post how it looks on the Distribution Machine (mockup obviously) and in the Japanese ROM for comparison. The trainer is スペース so the Machine is from Spaceworld 2000. Mockup Distribution Machine. In final game.
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