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Huge thanks to @argus1963 for obtaining Evil Leader's Pokemon!
(the rest will be coming when he gets them!)
<image are links>


edit: I've made a small change to the summary format!
Previously, Pokemon that were too big would get cut off from the left. (refer below to the image of Kyogre for example)
Now, the model would no longer be cut off from the left (obvious cases would be Kyogre, Cofagrigus and Ultra Necrozma)

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In light of recent events, I want to reinforce this point to our users:
Please do not submit hacks, fakes, custom cards, etc.

Maybe you think you're helping the community out: you're not.
Maybe you just want a quick laugh; do it elsewhere, preferably not at the expense of our kind users.

In any case, I will like to take this opportunity to thank our users who submit self-obtained wonder cards.
They are the heroes to everyone interested in event collections (except to hacker-haters, of course  ;P )

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For what feels like a slow news week, I have news that is exactly what we need:

It was discovered by @wwwwwwzx that due to a programming oversight by USUM development team,
it was possible to get a Partner Cap Pikachu to be shiny! (only this variant can experience this)

Summary of the process:
Step 1: Due to shiny lock, non shiny PID was generated against player's TID/SID,
Step 2: then Ash's TID/SID replaces the player's TID/SID on the Cap Pikachu.
Meaning, it is possible to get a PID that will be shiny with Ash's TID/SID, as long as your TSV is different from Ash's.

Anyhow, here is the Partner cap Pikachu that I managed to obtain shiny using RNG!

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