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  1. Hey Im looking for someone to create a Melmetal and a shiny Mewtwo for using pkhex since I have no access to pkhex on my switch thank you. Only request is make them in normal Pokeballs and No nicknames.Thanks in advance!!
  2. It doesnt block. Used an NTR cheat for Crystal VC to get Celebi in the wild on route 29 and they passed fine when leveled to 30.
  3. Okay sorry for any inconvenience
  4. Umm the pkm file you gave me worked but it has the wrong OT it should be GF instead of Yoshirb
  5. How do I do that? I dont have access to a computer for a few months Plus I tried with another pkm file from the guy who created it and it worked but was 33bytes so i was thinking that was the correct size for it.
  6. Im trying to use an application for 3ds called pokeslow which edits VC Gen 1 games pokemon. Theres a feature where you can import pkm files and I tried using the pk1 file here and renaming it but it wont work. Thats why I need a proper pkm file.
  7. Do you have the pkm file for this mew thats 33bytes? Or know where to find it? @theSLAYER
  8. My Ultra Moon team for my 10th playthrough consists of: Incineroar Ferrothorn Mamoswine Gardevoir Gyarados Kommo-o All level 45 and used pkhex to unlock Mega evolution early so Gardevoir and Gyarados have a fighting chance.
  9. Also you need to change the location of the Pokemon from seafloor cavern to Cave of Origin in order for them to be traded.
  10. Plus Darkrai is encountered at lvl 50 in Platinum so OP will have to change met level aswell. And they need to remove Pursuit from its moveset in order to be traded.
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