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Evil Leader's Pokemon: Giovanni's Nidoking .

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As part of a campaign to promote Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, Pokémon Centers and participating shops in Japan are distributing Pokémon used by the bosses of the villainous teams.
In the after story of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, these bosses came together to form Team Rainbow Rocket, and the campaign features the Pokémon Centers and participating shops being taken over by Team Rainbow Rocket.
The distribution of the gifts follow a schedule that rotates around every two weeks.
The dates in the summary below shows the dates of the overall campaign.

 Species   Nidoking 
 Nickname   (default, save lang) 
 OT   サカキ 
 TID   180120 
 Distribution   Local Wireless 
 Location   a Pokémon Center 
 Dates   Jan 20 to Mar 11, 2018 
 PID   Cannot Be Shiny 
 Games   All Regions 3DS: USUM 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 68  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Poison Point (1) 
 Item   None 
 Bundled Item   None 
 Card Per Save   Only One Allowed 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Earthquake Earthquake   Poison Jab Poison Jab
  Throat Chop Throat Chop   Aqua Tail Aqua Tail
  WC ID 278: 「Rロケットだんサカキの ニドキング」's receiving text
0x08 Thank you for coming to the Pokémon Center! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in the game.

Rロケットだんサカキの ニドキング
しょくんの かつやくの おかげで
やぼうの じつげんに ちかづいた!
ほうびに ニドキングを あたえよう!
こんごも やぼうの たっせいのために

Format Ver.1.0.6-1, Post Updated Date:20180203_2119


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