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  1. They are totally as they came to have fought or nothing, just obtained. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Son totalmente como llegaron sin haber luchado ni nada, simplemente como llegaron.
  2. Today when I went to get a pokemon to raise the pokemon bank, he told me that there were pokemon as a gift, so here you have them, they seem to be pokemon of hidden ability, enjoy them. greetings and hugs from Spain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hoy cuando fui a sacar un pokemon para criar del banco pokemon, me dijo que habian pokemon de regalo, por lo que aqui los teneis, parece que son pokemon de habilidad oculta, disfrutadlos. saludos y abrazos desde España. NA - Banco de Pokémon decidueye.wc7 NA - Banco de Pokémon incineroar.wc7 NA - Banco de Pokémon primarina.wc7
  3. Good evening, today I watched and as I activate the notification and synchronization of my games, they sent me an email that pokemon could receive today for a mysterious gift, so I have asked for them and here I have them. They are ultra sun and ultra moon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- buenas noches, hoy he mirado y como active la notificacion y sincronizacion de mis juegos, me mandaron un correo que podia recibir los pokemon hoy por regalo misterioso, por lo que los he pedido y aqui los tengo. Son de ultra sol y ultra luna. Card # 0649 - ¡Un Heatran explosivo!.wc7 Card # 0649 - ¡Un Regigigas gigantesco!.wc7
  4. ok, but still, I wanted to put it, at least the part of Spain, we can give you the wondercards, so there are no problems with international locations. Greetings and hugs from Spain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vale, pero aun asi, queria ponerlo, por lo menos que la parte de españa, os podamos dar las wondercards, para que no haya problemas con las localizaciones internacionales. Saludos y abrazos desde españa.
  5. Hola hoy me he informado y la master ball, de regalo es algo que no lo han implementado bien, ahi que usar un enlace especial para obtener el regalo, eso demuestra que la organizacion del evento esta mal hecho, pero he conseguido solicitar mi master ball y pedirlo os paso el enlace y mi wondercard para eso. https%3A%2F%2F3ds.pokemon-gl.com%2Fpresent%2Fb9a1c64a-696c-4c8c-8c0a-8ef148ba190a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello today I have informed and the master ball, as a gift is something that has not been implemented well, so use a special link to get the gift, that shows that the organization of the event is wrong, but I have managed to request my master ball and ask for it I pass the link and my wonderard for that. https%3A%2F%2F3ds.pokemon-gl.com%2Fpresent%2Fb9a1c64a-696c-4c8c-8c0a-8ef148ba190a Card # 1626 - Un regalo de Pokémon Global Link.wc7
  6. If I just realized, forgive for the inconvenience, but you already have in the database one Spanish too, hehe. Greetings and hugs from Spain.
  7. I have tried the one that you have passed but it lacks the gold plate, mine has been recently obtained from the game store, without opening and claiming the gold plate. Sorry for my English, I have not talked about it for a long time and I'm screened because I'm from Spain. Card # 0638 - ¡Dialga, un Pokémon atemporal!.wc7
    I am very happy that you have been able to recover all the work you had done, you do not deserve this, greetings and hugs from Spain, I encourage you and move on.
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