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  1. The gold bottle cap is one you obtain when using ultra sun/ moon (slot 0 & 2 on the wc7fulls I uploaded) you must have used the wrong one
  2. I knew they would be uploaded eventually, but I had them ready and thaught it may help someone out until the time came they were uploaded properly. due to the lack of uks local events this is all I can contribute.
  3. 2/2/18 feb 2018 legendary pokemon dialga & palkia code obtained from game stores UK Slot_0_WCID_638_Palkia.wc7full Slot_1_WCID_638_Palkia.wc7full Slot_2_WCID_638_Dialga.wc7full Slot_3_WCID_638_Dialga.wc7full
  4. I should have been a little more patient, it was uploaded maybe an hour after I asked...
  5. Has this event been added to the events gallery yet? I know it’s not been long released and Sorry for asking but I did check earlier and I Didn’t see it
  6. ok here is my contribution for today I mixed things up a little and used gold version instead of crystal! it should now bring gen2 to almost complete Route 8 haunter (+ trade evolution Gengar) - 093 - HAUNTER - A259.pk2 094 - GENGAR - 3E0A.pk2 route 24 Venomoth - 049 - VENOMOTH - 810E.pk2 ice path jynx - 124 - JYNX - EA79.pk2 ilex forest metapod - 011 - METAPOD - 85A8.pk2 rock tunnel marowak - 105 - MAROWAK - A0E8.pk2 burned tower raticate - 020 - RATICATE - 6B08.pk2 Just a side note there may be a few mistakes I think need correcting on the spreadsheet victerybell marked as not obtained yet has @HaxAras in the capture box marowak marked as obtained from gold/silver but I actually obtained that one from crystal (I have the gold one now so it can be kept as caught) if I'm not mistaken that should bring the gen2 tally down to 2 rocket hq electrode ilex forest kakuna
  7. ok I had a little more than I planned so here are a few more (All from Crystal Version) route 7 raticate - 020 - RATICATE - BDB9.pk2 route 8 haunter (+ trade evolved gengar) - 093 - HAUNTER - D0B9.pk2 094 - GENGAR - E955.pk2 dark cave ursaring - 217 - URSARING - 5420.pk2 that should be everything from the spreadsheet (so far) for crystal so I shall move over to gold and silver next to collect the rest
  8. so here is todays upload, not as many as usual but its still something. if anyone has a gen 2 save (before team rocket hq) avalilable so I could get the lv 23 electrode it would really help as I'm not prepared to replay the whole game just to get that one pokemon (maybe once gold and silver has been released to virtual console) but not any time soon! mt.motar golbat (+ high friendship lv14 crobat) -042 - GOLBAT - EC7C.pk2 169 - CROBAT - 5211.pk2 mt.silver -pupitar - 247 - PUPITAR - 929C.pk2 ruins of alph quagsier (lv20) - 195 - QUAGSIRE - 4AB5.pk2 slowpoke well slowbro - 080 - SLOWBRO - C5A6.pk2 whirl island sedra (+ dragonscale trade kingdra) - 117 - SEADRA - 34B1.pk2 230 - KINGDRA - A83E.pk2
  9. ok so here is my second contribution to gen2 collection. @HaxAras you should probably give me permission to edit the spreadsheets as tbh I'm just going to keep going and collect as many as I can on the other generations as I will have finished what is listed as a requirement from gen2 soon enough. burnt tower weezing - 110 - WEEZING - B391.pk2 celadon city muk - 089 - MUK - 3F73.pk2 digletts cave dugtrio (lv 16 from crystal) -051 - DUGTRIO - C501.pk2 rock tunnel machoke and trade evolved machamp - 067 - MACHOKE - 095E.pk2068 - MACHAMP - 43DF.pk2 rock tunnel haunter (lv 17 from crystal) and trade evolved gengar - 093 - HAUNTER - E431.pk2094 - GENGAR - 41E1.pk2 rock tunnel marowak - 105 - MAROWAK - 8905.pk2 victory road rhydon - 112 - RHYDON - BAC9.pk2 I'm just messing about the permissions you can do what ever you like but I will be uploading a lot of pokemon and I'm here to assist where I can
  10. I'm In the process of catching the 3 required in the rock tunnel for gen2 so I will have a lv 15 haunter from there shortly
  11. ok so just a few more from gen 2 for today route 22 fearow - 022 - FEAROW - 9FE2.pk2 route 24 gloom (including both evolutions) - 044 - GLOOM - 20BA.pk2 045 - VILEPLUME - E3EC.pk2 182 - BELLOSSOM - 5619.pk2 route 27 dodrio - 085 - DODRIO - 5F96.pk2 route 30 poliwhirl (including both evolutions) - 061 - POLIWHIRL - 2EA0.pk2 062 - POLIWRATH - 406F.pk2 186 - POLITOED - B884.pk2 newbark town tentacrule - 073 - TENTACRUEL - 2C8E.pk2 trade evolution hanuter gengar (from @Poke J's contribution) - 094 - GENGAR - 929C.pk2
  12. @HaxAras @theSLAYER is there a clearer way to view the new spreadsheet? I can only see half of it on the main page and would like to fill in a huge chunk of gen2 later today. My worry is I waste my time/ someone else's time catching something for the archive that has already been submitted as I can't see if it has been contributed or not. Thanks
  13. @HaxAras I'm sorry but it was really bugging me that the gen one spreadsheet was complete expect for the trade gengar so you know I had to get it done... Gen1 Yellow Gengar via under level haunter trade - 094 - GENGAR - 2A61.pk1
  14. sounds easy enough ,if you send me a pm with what to do (so this post doesn't get overloaded with me asking what to do) ill get started once I get some free time
  15. I've done a lot of work for gen 1 and 2 so I'm happy to help with the spread sheets on the two of them
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