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11 hours ago, Saul oseguera said:

You know if it's legal is wc7? Sorry to ask here But I do not remember the link for these types of questions.

0651 SM - Légendes2018 Shiny Zygarde(FRE) (1).wc7full

Even if that is the one that we extracted from the servers,
it might not be the final copy used by GameFreak until the event is officially released.

Also, this is a contribution thread, not a question thread.
The FAQ thread is right below XD

46 minutes ago, TheObserverYouAlwaysWanted said:


Golduck event announced based on the one used in recent VGC

Yup, we're aware of it (we tweeted about it too). Will post a news post shortly.

The news post was posted 6 hours ago.

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8 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

Tengo las tarjetas Darkrai, Dialga y Palkia, y las subiré más tarde cuando llegue a casa.

También deberíamos tenerlo en el github.

Do you have the github link where are the WC7? Please, you would give it to me, of course if you do not have any problem. Thank you.

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