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  1. tw events (other than garchomp) work on jpn consoles too
  2. all hktw events work with hktw units too (gen 6 & 7)
  3. all i know is EU heatran and regigigas works on the tw 3ds...to be honest the tw 3ds isnt worth getting unless ure really into collecting nintendo consoles (or for receiving garchomp) because the library is tiny
  4. yes i do intend to play or at least own a gen 7 game because this is the first gen nintendo has released pokemon games with chinese boxart...but it will be a bit hard to obtain because i live on the other side of the world now, i currently mainly play SM/USUM on my jpn 3ds
  5. more photos of tw corocoro xy garchomp while i wait for my mum to send me my parcel with the cartridge in it
  6. ad of the event in hk TW ad
  7. found more images of the event
  8. here it is! NA - ポケモンバンク 1.wc7 NA - ポケモンバンク 2.wc7 NA - ポケモンバンク 3.wc7
  9. do we still need japanese? cos i can upload it if we need it
  10. will post Taiwan CoroCoro XY Garchomp when I find my cart
  11. Just went through my old Y save and I found these! Gosh I miss Asia now...XY Sylveon and CoroCoro Charizard X Card # 0012 - A Special Sylveon!.wc6 Card # 0015 - リザードナイトXを もった リザードン.wc6
  12. JPN Shiny Pipole, KOR Kyodon Serial Code Distribution...enjoy! Card # 0277 - はっこうのベベノム/せんこうのアーゴヨン.wc7 Card # 1137 - 색이 다른 가이오가 선물.wc7 Card # 1137 - 색이 다른 그란돈 선물.wc7
  13. I tried wine too...i couldnt get any help so I just gave up and used parallels instead. Good luck and I hope it works out for you eventually! :smile:
  14. I only have the .pkms though. The event was restricted to the 行機 (local Taiwanese 3ds) so its basically impossible to upload the .wc6…and i already reset the game lol Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  15. does this work with cyber editor 2
  16. i hope its region free because im getting my parents to help me collect it. (i have a japanese 3ds, a taiwanese one and an american one)
  17. I can comfirm this event was region free as I received it on my Taiwan, Japan and North American 3DS, also it might be worth noting that this was distributed via local wireless.
  18. The event can be collected on either a Japanese or Hong Kong/Taiwan 3DS only (according to the website)
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