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2 hours ago, RyanC said:

Is this legal? I am new, if I broke any rules, sorry. I speak Spanish, apologize for the way you write!


I have very strong and compelling reasons to believe that isn't the event Pokemon; that it's hacked.
(which I'm not going to disclose)

perhaps we could buy from this dude:


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On 12/19/2016 at 10:53 AM, Sabresite said:

@theSLAYER, I think it is against our charter to proliferate making money off of event pokemon.
Also people who sell event pokemon (especially preloaded on cartridges), usually hack the pokemon.

While I do agree with not wanting to contribute to people making money off of this, I do think that it would be important to obtain them one way or another. As far as them hacking the Pokemon? You could always request that they have video proof.

There was a guy buying 5 Vulpix. He requested proof:

"Please take photo/video proof and attendance proof for all of them, with our usernames/custom date visible in the proofs. If you can also snap a trainer card pic for each save you redeem on, that'd be great.

And please claim them on the same day as redeem, so the Pokemon date matches the proofs, for the ones that are on your saves. Or well, set the 3DS date to be the same :P"

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I have been collaborating with /r/pokemonexchange to see if we can get contributions.  I understand that their community will not be enthusiastic about it, but there are several things we can offer them in return. Additionally, the WC/PKM data would be randomized/touched so it is not exact. That should suffice the need to keep a particular person's data legit and unique.

Meanwhile, everyone please reach out to anyone you know who may have these WCs/PKMs.

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Hey @argus1963, thank you so much!

no worries. there are no problems!
When the gift is not collected, and the image below is displayed, select "No". [ いいえ(N) ]

this gift uses previously unused values.
PKHeX is not updated to deal with those new values.


13 minutes ago, argus1963 said:




@Kaphotics it appears that the event shared uses new Used/Unused values (expanding past previous roster)
[Also, it appears the Sun/Moon game is programmed to run the values all the way to FF. Inject FC, when used, becomes FE]

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3 hours ago, Purin said:

Oh, that's true! In that case I wonder what happens if you delete the WC before trying to redownload it on the same day.

I would imagine that if the Wonder Card ID is in the received list,
but if you don't have the wonder card (as it has multi/once per day flag),
you won't be able to receive it again.

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