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WC6full is a different format from WC6.

To be precise, WC6full also includes the description that only appears on the screen when downloading, which can also be used to verify a wondercard's legitimacy.

Ah, I understand now. But do wc6 full need to be restored with pokehex like standard wc6? I think both wc6 types generate legit pokemon if themselves are legit.

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Both WC6 and WC6full works with Pkhex to create a legal Pokemon.

But as said previously, it isn't as easy to determine a WC6 to be legit, as compared to WC6full.

Well I think ALL wc6 inserted in the Rar (except for the folder "z. Uncertain (legitimacy cannot be confirmed)") had a proof with them, right?

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Well I think ALL wc6 inserted in the Rar (except for the folder "z. Uncertain (legitimacy cannot be confirmed)") had a proof with them, right?

Not all.

They were minimally vetted to have no usages of Wondercard editors on them (which I can't share what the signs are),

or some were compared to other entries provided,

or were personally dumped by me.

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I saw that PPORG doesn't have the mac hoopa, so I am taking the liberty of posting the ENG .wc6 file.



Thanks for posting.

Actually we were missing the FRE Mac Hoopa (if you were referring to the post on the first page, language missing is all the way to the right)

We already have the ENG and SPA version of it ><

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edit: Nevermind, I see Arceus there.

Garchomp isn't there though? I saw the wondercard text on the previous page, but the WC6 file isn't in any of the event files.

Do you mind being clearer?

Are you saying Garchomp isn't in the contribution?

If you're referring to Cynthia's Garchomp, look for 1515.

I confirm that Garchomp itself is in the package.

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Missing Language EU -EN and US - EN/FR/SP

I's not available for US region games.

Here are the wc6full.

+ distribution texts



Distribution Title:Wow! It's a Meowth!Distribution Text:The notorious Meowth is here!This special Meowth knows the moveHappy Hour, which doubles theprize money you receive after a battle.Wondercard Text:Thank you for playing Pokémon!Please pick up your gift from thedelivery girl in any Pokémon Center.




Distribution Title:Wouah ! C’est un Miaouss !Distribution Text:Le célèbre Miaouss débarque !Ce Miaouss spécial connaît la capacitéÉtrennes, qui double la quantité d’argentobtenue après un combat.Wondercard Text:Merci d’avoir joué à Pokémon !Allez récupérer votre cadeau dans le jeu auprèsde la livreuse d’un Centre Pokémon !




Distribution Title:Wow! Ein Mauzi!Distribution Text:Das berühmt-berüchtigte Mauzi ist da!Dieses besondere Mauzi beherrscht die AttackeGoldene Zeiten, durch die das nach einem Kampferhaltene Preisgeld verdoppelt wird.Wondercard Text:Danke, dass du Pokémon spielst!Hole dir dein Geschenk von unsererLieferantin im Pokémon-Center ab!




Distribution Title:Un ricchissimo Meowth!Distribution Text:Questo Meowth speciale conosce la mossaCuccagna, che raddoppia la ricompensaottenuta alla fine della lotta!Wondercard Text:Grazie per aver giocato con questo giocodei Pokémon! Ricordati di ritirare il donodalla postina nel Centro Pokémon!




Distribution Title:¡Hala! ¡Es un Meowth!Distribution Text:¡Ya está aquí el archiconocido Meowth!Este Meowth especial conoce el movimiento PagaExtra, que aumenta al doble la cantidad de dinerorecibida como recompensa al ganar un combate.Wondercard Text:¡Gracias por jugar a Pokémon!Ve a ver a la repartidora en cualquierCentro Pokémon para recoger tu regalo.


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Huge thanks to Cstylzzz, Favna, King Impoleon, BlackShark

For sending over the files.

I've uploaded the 0574 - Happy Meowth to the first post for ENG, FRE, GER, ITA, SPA!

It appears that the Pokémon All-Stars Battle Diancie is missing from the "missing wondercards" list - At least for as far as I can see in the download it is not included there.

Yup we are missing this. Added it to missing list.

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