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  1. The Claw Fossil, Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Jaw Fossil, Sail Fossil and Root Fossil are showing up as illegal "unreleased items" when placed as a held item on any Pokemon. They're currently available in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon through the shop in Konikoni City (each version has a different set) and the Poke Pelago.
  2. I have two In-game trade Machamp, from Yellow, and I'm about 95% sure that I've never touched them with PKHeX. I was using PKHeX to inject some Wondercards and I noticed that both RICKY were showing up as invalid. It was giving them the, "Invalid: Unable to match an encounter from origin game," error. All of my other In-game trades seem fine. The only thing I could think of being wrong was that they are level 16. However, I traded lvl 16 Cubone, from the Safari Zone, to get it. Is this a bug or did I do something that I honestly just don't recall? 068 - RICKY - 9A3BFCB6487E.pk7 068 - RICKY - 49A6DE062BF7.pk7
  3. I was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble with this Pokemon. I caught a Farfetch'd in Pokemon Yellow. I then used the Pokemon Transporter to transfer it to Pokemon Bank. However, after doing so, its name remained all caps and there is just a space between the H and D. I haven't caught any others to test and see if it does this to all of them. I also can't find anything about it online.
  4. While I do agree with not wanting to contribute to people making money off of this, I do think that it would be important to obtain them one way or another. As far as them hacking the Pokemon? You could always request that they have video proof. There was a guy buying 5 Vulpix. He requested proof: "Please take photo/video proof and attendance proof for all of them, with our usernames/custom date visible in the proofs. If you can also snap a trainer card pic for each save you redeem on, that'd be great. And please claim them on the same day as redeem, so the Pokemon date matches the proofs, for the ones that are on your saves. Or well, set the 3DS date to be the same "
  5. Thank you! I felt bad even asking. Like I said, I have no real reason to distrust him. It's only the post that I read, a while back, that put any doubt in my mind. Thanks again!
  6. I received a 2014 Tanabata Jirachi from a friend who lives in Japan. I really don't have a reason not to trust the guy, I've known him forever, but while I was checking the Jirachi's IVs in PKHeX I noticed that the Language is set to English. Now, his game is in English but he uses a Japanese 3DS. I read somewhere that if the language is set to anything other than what the event's origin language is then the Pokemon is considered hacked. Country, Sub Region and 3DS Region are all set to his location in Japan. Its just the Language that is set to English. I'm really hoping that this is just because he plays his game in English.
  7. I had a problem with the whole thing about Fairies being strong against Dragons. I got to thinking about it. What if we're looking at it wrong? Maybe it's not about Fairies "Slaying" Dragons. Maybe they hold some kind of power over Dragons. Maybe Fairies, in the Pokemon world, have a greater control over Dragons. This is what could make them stronger. We have to keep in mind that this is Nintendo's version of Fairies. Btw, I would love for Electric Types to have another weakness. ...
  8. Maybe they didn't create the names for other languages at the time of release. Or maybe they did it to keep us guessing what those names could be.
  9. The Taillow is from Small Forest. Taillow MaleDW.pkm Nidoran MaleDW.pkm Tangela MaleDW.pkm NidoranFemaleDW.pkm OddishMaleDW.pkm
  10. 024 Spanish Summer Jirachi Card Title: Pídele un deseo... ¡a JIRACHI! Card Comment: Este JIRACHI tiene una sorpresa muy especial para ti en el Pokéwalker de tu Pokémon HeartGold y SoulSilver. Recuerda guardar la partida al recoger a JIRACHI en la Tienda Pokémon. Pokemon Icon 2: 385 Date Card Received: 2010/6/26 Distribution Value & Game: 801D (D/P/PT/HG/SS) 024 French Summer JIRACHI Card Title: Faites un vœu avec JIRACHI! Card Comment: Ce JIRACHI a une petite surprise pour le Pokéwalker de Pokémon HeartGold ou SoulSilver. Sauvegardez une fois que vous aurez récupéré JIRACHI dans une Boutique Pokémon. Pokemon Icon 2: 385 Date Card Received: 2010/6/26 Distribution Value & Game: 801D (D/P/PT/HG/SS) French and Spanish Summer 2010 Jirachi.zip
  11. So then the French Milotic IS fake or replaced with one that was given away May 30th? The date on the PCD is May 30th, 2009 and on this list it was given away on June 20th.
  12. It would be nice if they used this feature to allow you to create multiple save files.
  13. Thanks. By the way, I don't know if this is the appropriate place to mention this but, the Pikachu ONEMURI links are dead in the Event Section. They lead to a page with the message that the article does not exist. Edit: French ALAMOS Darkrai's date received (on the PCD file) is 3-7-2008. The opposite of when it was released: 7-3-2008.
  14. I think I might just be paranoid but is the French VGC 2009 Milotic in the Event Database, here on Project Pokemon, possibly fake? According to Bulbapedia the French Milotic was given away on June 20th, 2009 (6-20-2009) and no other date. It's also listed as available for Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. However, on the PCD hosted HERE it's listed as received on May 30th, 2009 (5-30-2009) and only available for Diamond and Pearl. Is Bulbapedia wrong or is the Event Pokemon on this site fake? Bulbapedia Project Pokemon Event Database French VGC 2009 Milotic
  15. Or it might be like the spiky eared Pichu. Just because there's an event to get THAT specific Zoroark doesn't mean it'll be the ONLY way to get it. It might just be a special Zoroark. One with special moves if nothing else. Also, I read (on Serebii I think?) That CoroCoro is supposed to reveal how to get Zorua as well. I doubt they're just going to tell us to breed the Zoroark that we get from the legendary beast event.
  16. If I were to insert a Japanese Wondercard into my English save file, and receive the pokemon on my english game, would the pokemon appear hacked after I received it?
  17. "I'd like to introduce you to another new Pokémon title, which should become one of the most anticipated Nintendo DS titles for this year. The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have been developing a new Pokémon title with the aim to launch the software this year. The cumulative global sales of all the Pokémon series software have reached 130 million. This new Pokémon software will become the first brand new Pokémon title in 4 years since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which sold more than 5.8 million units in Japan, was launched. Of course, this totally new Pokémon title will include new fields of adventure and a number of new Pokémons living there. As a totally new version, it will contain various unprecedented experiences." http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/100129/06.html If they have this/these games on a new system, after saying that, I will be sad.
  18. I don't see why they'd use the final form of a starter as an important character in the movie. The way they're using "Z" makes it seem like he's more than your average Pokemon. I think it'll either be a legendary or an extremely rare and powerful Pokemon like Lucario was/is.
  19. I understand that ???? Type is just a type without any strengths or weaknesses but that doesn't rule out the fact that it might be used in later games. Strengths and weaknesses can be integrated into it (since it hasn't been used as an actual type) in later generations.
  20. A Ghost and Normal Type combo would be great. I like strange and unused combinations. I think they would have done that sooner if it were to be done at all. It would be awesome but I doubt we'll see that at all. I wonder if they'll introduce new types? Maybe they'll finally reveal the ???? Cursed type!
  21. I agree >.< Dark and Psychic would be the best combination ever!
  22. But isn't it the "Phantom Master Z"? I would type it with Psychic, Dark or Ghost before fighting. The fact that it seems he could turn into Ash would back that up as well. Though I could be completely wrong...
  23. A little while back I read that Korean Pokemon games could not connect with American Pokemon games. Which regions can connect with each other? I'm asking this because I'd like to trade to get multiple Pokedex entries in other languages but I would like to know in advance which languages I'm capable of getting before I waste my time trying to collect a Pokemon that is impossible to get.:creep: Thanks!
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