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  1. Hi. I was editing from the 2nd Generation and at the moment of saving an error was generated and not saved. The sav is the Visual Boy Advance emulator Attached image of the error. . Thank you
  2. I leave the gift of PGL of the tournament of Alola in Spanish. Dejo el regalo de PGL del torneo de Alola en español. 2047 - Un regalo de Pokémon Global Link.wc7
  3. Hi. I leave the events of Pokémon Worlds 2016. The events are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle that were delivered. They are only in English and distributed only in that language (I have the game in Spanish and the Wondercard is only in English). Greetings. Hola, Les dejo los eventos del Mundial de Pokémon del 2016. Los eventos son Bulbasaur, Charmander y Squirtle que estuvieron entregando. Están solo en ingles ya que solo se distribuyeron en ese idioma (tengo el juego en español e igual la wondercard viene solo en ingles). Saludos. [ATTACH]13791[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13792[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13793[/ATTACH]
  4. Leave the Shiny Yveltal to be distributed in USA, it's the Spanish version of the event. Dejo el Yveltal Shiny que empezó a ser repartido en USA, es la versión en Español el evento. https://www.dropbox.com/s/72gnooap4d9pofr/2016-05-19%2020.10.54.jpg?dl=0 [ATTACH]13344[/ATTACH]
  5. Leave the event of zygarde Spanish version obtained in US Images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0g07ze82aluidn/1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/116fm65jlcjwd62/2.jpg?dl=0 [ATTACH]13242[/ATTACH]
  6. Update the Homebrew to version 2.7. With the earlier versions will not work. Check my installation with the Homebrew 2.7 and everything else and it works smoothly. Check that. Greetings. Actualizaste el Homebrew a la versión 2.7. Ya que con la anteriores no funciona. Revise mi instalación con el Homebrew 2.7 y todo lo demás y me funciona sin problemas. Revisa eso. Saludos.
  7. Hi. If you have the game in Spanish you must find the xml game in Spanish, in this case the Red Pokemon (of the linked xml web) and generate the xml. Don't use the Xml in English in Spanish because cause errors. The xml in Spanish this only xml red and yellow. Greetings. Hola. Si tienes el juego en español debes buscar el xml del juego en español, en este caso del Pokemon Rojo (de la web enlazada de los xml ) y generar el xml. No sirve usar el xml del mismo juego en ingles en español ya que genera errores. Los xml en español están el rojo y el amarillo. Saludos.
  8. I have a question. What's the difference between the WC6 and WC6Full format? What is the difference between these formats. Thank you.
  9. these are codes for USA region console. I have code europe Mew but I have USA region console. I am from Chile and these codes do not reach here.
  10. Dejo el evento del PGL en Español del Delibird. Here the PGL Event in Spanish of Delibird Link Ptoho Event / Link Foto del Evento https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/2/AAAqfaw_fxTKHaB6fwQR6rr6h58lL3rU4WvVcGqQIiQ4WQ/12/69823086/jpeg/32x32/3/1451095200/0/2/eventPGL.jpg/EIj2pzYYnbQJIAIoAg/AfWBIPmv1uIvCtt1kwLhOrzisS6WJm_mHh_S4zz_eJM?size_mode=3&size=1024x768
  11. This the Present of participation in PGL Spooky Cup Tournament the event 10 Rare Candy. This event is obtained from Latin America in Spanish. Dejo el obsequio de la participación del torneo de PGL, Copa del terror el evento de los 10 Caramelos Raros. Este evento es obtenido desde América Latina en Español. Link: Event 10 Rare Candys - Evento 10 caramelos raros Event Image - Imagen del Eevento https://www.dropbox.com/s/ix8vuowj37xammj/2015-11-02%2023.58.45.jpg?dl=0 1511 - Obsequio de la Copa Terror.zip
  12. Here the Pikachu in Spanish (Latinamerica) from PGL Dejo el Pikachu en Español (Latinoamerica) del PGL Pikachu PGL Spanish
  13. It's the Rayquaza Shiny Spanish From Latin America . Dejo el Rayquaza Varicolor en español de Latino America. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69823086/547%20-%20%C2%A1Asciende%20con%20Rayquaza%20variocolor!.zip
  14. Sableye HP and SpA 31 IVs Bouffalant HP and Atk 31 Ivs
  15. Bouffalant and Sableye Gamescom Distribution https://www.dropbox.com/s/37sokeh0hjpq3j3/Bouffalant%20and%20Sableye%20Gamescom.zip?dl=0
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