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  1. Sure! This website is the one and only up to date guide to get a Nintendo 3DS hacked: https://3ds.hacks.guide/
  2. Be extra careful with this NDS Adapter Plus, the one I had actually started burning with smoke and fire while being connected to USB. Never leave it plugged in anywhere when you’re not around. And yes, a hacked 3DS is the way to go for all DS/3DS saves nowadays.
  3. Speaking of, does Checkpoint homebrew have any disadvantage over TWLSaveTool?
  4. Hmm, local trading or by pairing another special pokeball plus, both methods would seem to take a very long time for cinema staff to handle. Probably just serial code then. Or nothing.
  5. Mew distribution serial code as well? Just wondering because let's go does not have a local distro menu so cinema prolly wont work.
  6. 赤外線通信カートリッジ = Infrared Communication Cartridge
  7. If I had to guess I'd say it's probably determined in the Colosseum save
  8. Did anyone ever check the name of this flag in the debug version?
  9. What you labeled "???" has Gyarados written below it.
  10. Don't forget about the Battle Institution distributions which exist for Gen 5 (several worldwide) and Gen 6 (just one in Japan)!
  11. From what I know the staff was able to edit the OT with the machine’s hidden options, so the OT is not really a fixed value per machine. In Europe they changed Mew’s OT in every city they visited, and for Celebi they had different staff member’s names as OT which I always found to be funny.
  12. They could introduce region locking by checking the Nintendo Account region, I guess?
  13. Yeah, the Switch has no infrared communication port, so they didn't have much choice i guess. I hope they will continue the usual local wireless events.
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