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  1. chances are it just works as a data storage device, just like other slot-2 distributions in Gen 4. by theory, we just need to put the data in the correct offset inside the GBA rom and put it on a flashcart and it should work. just like decchi.bin for d/p
  2. Yes, the japanese distribution cart for the manaphy+deoxys missions was AGB-ZP3J-JPN and internally called "ポケモンレンジャー Wミッション配布ROM" maybe @ajxpk is interested in reverse engineering the boot process of the japanese ranger 1 game in order to recreate this cartridge? i think chances are good it's possible.
  3. when booting the ranger 1 game, it checks the cartridge inserted into slot-2 of the ds handheld and if it contained valid distribution mission data, it would download this data from there and store it in the savegame.
  4. Japanese ranger 1 was rather interesting. if i recall right, it had two ways of mission downloading, slot 2 (this is where decchi.bin's title screen came from) and ds local wireless. oh and the downloaded data was really the mission data, it was not just a flag as the data was not inside the game ROM. might be possible to create own missions for the game and distribute them to japanese games
  5. edit; please disregard, nevermind i tried the wrong game. and i didnt use any codes
  6. For gen 5 they were distributed in jjapan at different events and in europe they had them at VGC events. For Gen 6 i am not sure anymore. maybe there was one in japan.
  7. translation: btw. what this tool does, it will just set your location back to the first town.
  8. sorry for my ignorance but what is the benefit in publishing this kind of information? rewriting them is not useful at all for anyone except scammers. there are much cheaper flashcarts out there. and there will always be people who only see what pops up on ebay and not be aware that this can be done, even if the methods are public. it also adds to the danger of losing original pieces of history if the devcarts original contents are overwritten. just wondering..
  9. back in the day those have been distributed nonstop at events such as vgc and pokemon centers in japan.
  10. * i decided to remove the rant on money making parasites i had written here. i do want to say that i also think all should eventually be preserved for historic reasons. that is all.
  11. i agree people who try to make money on things like this are nothing but disgusting parasites. however, i also think sharing is a decision, not an obligation. nobody owes anyone anything. also sometimes jobs can be at risk by doing such a thing. or you may be legally forced to return the item or even get sued by companies if your identity blows. also dont forget that holding on to something unreleased can eventually make a trade possible that would otherwise not be happening. this can also mean that the community eventually gets more in the end. anyway lets just be happy about what we do get our hands on and keep hoping for the future!
  12. Some screenshots Its mostly based on the leftover debug strings in the english version, but slightly tweaked and missing stuff added.
  13. This is a patch for the recently leaked debug version of Pokemon Diamond. It will translate the debug menu (just that) to English. Creator wants to be anonymous. POKEMON_D_ADAJ01_00_translated-debug.zip
  14. You are correct! It was the European Shiny Zigzagoon cartridge, but that one was, too, security-sealed to a Game Boy Advance handheld console.
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