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  1. Greetings fine people! I'm currently playing my way through the Pokemon series. My rough plan is to play the games on Retroarch (because I loves me some achievements, then transfer my saves to my physical cartridges (I've got the necessary adapters and software), and to transfer the Gen 1 & 2 saves to 3DS VC using Checkpoint and the save converter. I'm curious about one thing, however. It's my understanding that the VC version of Crystal allows for an end-game event in which you can capture Celebi; and that this event was present in the original Japanese version of the game, but not the American version. If I were to play the American version of the game in RA, then transfer the save to the VC version; would I still be able to trigger the event in VC? Would I need to set a flag in PKhex, or would it just naturally be available? Or would the save file being from the OG American version just screw me? As always, thanks in advance.
  2. Like I said, I haven't put it in anything. I downloaded it from the site and added it to the pkmn database in PKhex, where it's flagged as illegal. It's not coming from anything. I even have the "default game" set to Pokemon Red.
  3. I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts. When you start a new generation of Pokemon, do you trade all your Pokemon from previous generations and just catch the new ones? Or do you catch everything all over again, trading up only Pokemon not naturally available in the new generation?
  4. I haven't put them into anything. They're showing illegal in PKHex
  5. Anyone know why all the Gen1 Mews from the site (like this guy) are flagged as illegal in PKHex?
  6. Ahhh. Makes sense. I guess it's not that big a deal. I'm playing through the games in order, so I'm a long way away from having to worry about uploading it to the bank; and even then I'll probably just leave this one and bring forward the Pikachu from Yellow. Haven't completely figured out what I'm going to do as far as my livingdex yet. Hopefully it will get fixed in a future update. I've got plenty of time. Thanks!
  7. Here you go. Like I said, I haven't touched this one, so I can't imagine why it'd suddenly be flagged... 025 - PIKACHU - 5231.pk1
  8. I opened my save in Pokehex; as I've done numerous times, and suddenly it's flagging my Pikachu as illegal. It says invalid: Unable to match encounter from origin game. This particular mon was caught in this save legit, and hasn't been touched in anyway. Why would that particular one be illegal?
  9. I just read that starting with Gen III, event pokemon like Mew will not obey a trainer unless they are marked as being acquired during a "fateful encounter," which comes when you go to an event. Does/can PKHeX do this? I haven't gotten to Gen III yet in my playthrough of the series. If I inject a Mew or something downloaded from this site, will it be marked as from a "fateful encounter?" If not, is there something I can do so it will be?
  10. I have not yet reached the fourth generation games, but I heard about the journal function that started with them. I know it record when Pokemon are captured or traded for; does that mean that Pokemon injected using Pokehex will stick out like sore thumb because they're not in the journal? And in the later generations, does using the Pokemon Bank appear in the journal?
  11. Ahhhh. Yea, that makes sense. I only actually played Gen 1 when it came out, but I remember Celebi basically being the Gen 2 equivalent of of Mew. Ironically I bought Gen 2...and then pesky adulthood got in the way; and now I'm trying to binge my way through the series, and re-create what it would have been like to play when they were released, under the best case scenario. So when I reach a point where I'd catch a 'mon on another version, I'll import with Pokehex as if I was trading with a friend; except for the event pokemon that I'm starting with, as if I went to an event. I even bought fresh batteries, a security bit to install them, and a cart flasher. Pretty psyched!
  12. Nooo, I'm not sure at all. This is all new to me. I'm specifically looking at your post here that says Also, on an unrelated note, Celebi on ENG Gen II will show up as illegal, if the save isn't named sav.dat, as for the English versions, Celebi was only available to the Virtual Console versions. (so it is legal for VC versions [hence renaming to sav.dat]) So that kind of threw me. But the PCNY Celebi should be fine in Gen II retail, yes? Just what I was looking for, thank you!
  13. I'm learning about PKHeX. So far it's AMAZING and has made me EXTREMELY happy. Thank you so much for this tool. There's a few things I don't understand though; so if you'll pardon my ignorance... 1. When I click Tools > open folder > options > folders > customize, notepad opens. I assume I'm to map the folders I organized the DB into? Is there any documentation for the syntax for this? Or am I just misunderstanding it? 2. Why are some of the OTs from things like the GEN 2 & 3 PCNY Distribution Machine saves, have a number that two or three digits and an underscore? Was the OT number just variable? Should I just enter a random number? Will they still be legal if I do it that way? 3. I keep seeing things saying that Celebi was only available in Gen 2 on VC; but then there's a bunch of saves here saying it was given out at PCNYC? I'm confused.
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