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  1. Well thanks to you I have a perfect 31 IV Modest Latios and Latias in Pokemon Ruby, I never knew about the glitch and I do feel a bit sad because I can't get a perfect 31 IV Entei, Raikou or Suicune in generation 3. Although it appears that starting from generation 4 I can get apparently get a hacked Jirachi and Celebi and it stays legal no matter what detail I change excluding any data in the "Met" and "OT/Misc", it's current level, the language of the game it was from and if it's shiny. Generation 3 kinda sucks a bit now only because of the fact that no matter what, there will always be 5 Pokemon in this generation who's IV's I can't change, and perfect IV's is how I play the game.But still, Thanks a lot!
  2. I need help in legalizing my Latios and Latios in Pokemon Ruby, the only problem I'm facing is the "Encounter Type PID mismatch" error which is super easy to fix for most Pokemon, while editing all my other Pokemon I have no issue in changing their IV's, gender and more. But the only 4 Pokemon that I can't legalize when I change IV's are Latios, Latios, Celebi and Jirachi in Ruby, and of what I've heard other people have the same problems for Suicune, Raikou and Entei. I have literally tried all methods of finding a legit PID in RNG Reporter but for these Pokemon using RNG Reporter won't solve my issue also since I'm currently playing Generation 3 games I can't hyper-train my Pokemon, I can only smoothly play the Pokemon games of Generations 1-5 on my laptop and it's too slow to run the Pokemon games of generations 6-8.The only thing I do that is apparently invalid is changing these annoying Pokemons' IV's all I want to do is input my desired IV's and give them the desired nature(My preferred nature for the Latios and Latios is 'Modest') but no matter what new PID RNG Reporter generates it always gives me the same error time and time again for these Pokemon only. I'm thinking that these Pokemon use a different unique PID generation method but I hope that's not the case, so if anyone can help me in legalizing my Pokemon I would appreciate it a hell lot. Plus I tried putting a legal Celebi PID into a Latios and I changed it's IV's to match the legal Celebi but the Latios still had the same error, so I think maybe every one of these 7 Pokemon each use a unique PID generation method. 381 - LATIOS - 4569AA064609.pk3 380 - LATIAS - D4F7F9426F72.pk3
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