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  1. Ok thanks a lot for the info. Appreciate it!
  2. Oh ok thanks. One last thing: When pokemon go through the poketransfer/bank app, when the met date changes, if I check the pokemon on pkhex, will the ‘Met date’ also be physically overwritten from the original (eg. 11/01/2007 -pokemon ruby —-> 11/07/2015 -pokemon bank)? OR does the overwritten met date have different code and when checked by pkhex, the ‘Met date’ will stay the same, but in games, it will show the new transfer date? Thanks a lot but sorry for asking a lot of questions.
  3. Oh yeah, last question, about the met level, does it ever change? The reason I had it at lvl100 was because I assumed that once received in Pokemon bank, that would be its new met level, since thats the level that the game receive it on. Or am I incorrect and it never changes?
  4. Ah ok thanks. So in theory, the Blastoise should be fine, if you just blame it on the console time was set incorrectly?
  5. Thanks for the reply! So basically, if I want to make it seem like the Pokemon were actually transferred from Gen 3 to Gen 6+ (assuming the dates were correct on the 'original console'), then it has to have a date after when Black/White was made (18 September 2010+)?
  6. I've been reading quite a few forums on what happens to the met dates of Pokémon but I need some concrete facts on how it works please as I'm a little confused now. When do met dates change (during poke transfer/Pokémon bank)? For example, this Blastoise, I made the date a random time after 'receiving it in Gen 4' (anytime after the release date of diamond/pearl). So hypothetically, this Pokémon should go to gen 5, does the met date change here? OR, when it is received into Pokémon bank/gen 6, does its met date change (again)? Even though met date isn't shown from generation 7+, I want the date to be as 'accurate' as it can be. So for reference, what year would this Blastoise be accurate?, or is this completely fine? Also, could I have the same info for what happens to the met level please? Thanks in advance!
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