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  1. Typo and Error Report Thread If you noticed any typos, errors (including graphical errors) on the site, or incorect information, please post here and we'll try to fix ASAP. Please also include links to the errors/typos. Thanks.
  2. There's a forum upgrade coming at some point in the future (no eta besides "a few weeks to a few months"), and I'm working on adapting the Site Theme to be compatible with it. I'm going to try to take care to make sure all colors work well together, and that text contrast is high enough, but if there's anything any of you have noticed that doesn't look quite right, or if there's anything you'd like added or changed, please let me know in this thread, no matter how minor. I won't be changing the IPS Default theme, beyond making sure the logo is applied.
  3. The recent topics / threads widget on the right of front page seems to show all content from public Clubs, regardless of if you are a member of that particular club or not. I think it would be more user friendly to only show content in this area from Clubs you have actually joined. If you click on content from a club you are not a member of you can read the content, vote on polls, however are denied from replying, which is a bit confusing until you realise you have ventured in a post from a club you haven't joined. Perhaps even separating forum posts from club posts and having two widgets might be better? A small issue I know, however it's caught me out a few times already.
  4. The Project Pokemon Pokedex is a project that aims to generate a complete database from Pokemon ROMs. Currently, only certain parts of Explorers and Super data are available. Please use this thread to suggest things or report bugs. Updates will be posted here as they are published to the site. Site Source
  5. I guess I'm dumb but Ok can't find or view my private messages were do I find them? There doesn't seem to be a way I can find to view it
  6. When I get an e-mail from the forums, and go to the forums at a secure location (like a PM box), and have to perform an authorization via 2FA, I get redirected to the Home and have to either renavigate to the target location (or easier, go back to my email and reclick on the link).
  7. When looking through the gallery every event has that OT. Why is that and why don't this site have the accurate event information? Is there another place to look? Thanks. It is hard to check events if the data is inaccurate. I hope someone can get the real information on the event and post. Thanks . When I go to look something up it better be accurate because if I am using Pokecheck I can't check Pokemon past 200 without and ID on my 3DS because the browser will not go past Slowking so I need ID's There is no other site that I know of other than Serebii but he changed his database so it takes longer to find an event there .
  8. Hello, i am trying to download pokegen from the stickied topic but whenever i click on the download link fire fox, chrome and opera tell me the link cannot be found, is the link down or i am the only one downloading the problem? and finally are there any mirrors to the download?
  9. Currently I am unable to access site by its URL from 4 different Russian ISPs due to name resolution problems. Google DNS doesn't save the day either. I was able to access site by going to NS tool and finding out the IP from there: http://www.intodns.com/projectpokemon.org (screenshot: http://www.uploadscreenshot.com/image/828300/7531736) Basically it says there that NS server IPs cannot be looked up. Can you please try to fix it?
  10. Hello all. We have decided that a re-programming of the main site. This should make it more powerful/flexible/dynamic. It should be possible to add many "features" that enchance user experience. In that spirit we open this thread to hear some of your suggestions. What sort of things would you like to do on the main site besides read information?
  11. Just another complaint about the website. It seems that in the Project Pokemon's Pokedex site, all languages except English and Japanese are functioning properly. All the others seem to give some sort of an mySQL error. To verify: http://projectpokemon.org/pokedex/ (Click on any of the non AMERICAN/JAPANESE flag... you know, ones that don't look like or ) Okay fine. I know many of us are mostly concerned for the US one anyways and they won't care or whatnot... but an error is still an error. I do use the foreign language entries though (specifically Korean), so it's not an issue we can just avoid. Anyways, I would appreciate it if someone would fix this problem (and on top of that the website's log in doesn't work either). Thank you very much.
  12. @Mods: You may want to remove Pokesav_Compact_HGSS-ENG-v.0.03a, because it has a trojan attached to it. Unless someone is able to remove it.
  13. What happened with the updates on pokesav, I remember last visiting this website in January this year, and I cannot believe that pokesav for heartgold/soulsilver hasn't been updated from version 0.03a with all the routes, town & city names, wonder card editing etc. It still has all the routes from the bloody sinnoh region, has there been any other people comaplaining about this? Also I want to know if they plan to make a pokesav for the new black/white games or has all development on editing programs for these games now completeley ceased?:confused::mad:
  14. C'mon, you haven't updated the main site in forever! You don't have to just do news. There is a thriving community researching the games and creating programs and applications, and you neglect to update about a lot of it. This isn't a "News" website like Serebii. This isn't an "encyclopedia on all things Pokémon" like Bulbapedia. This website has its own niche, and you darn well better use it. Members! Do your best to help the staff! Staff! Work toward the betterment of this site using contributions of everyone! You're getting a lot of traffic thanks to the English BW Patch, so why not use it to your advantage. And whoever contributes, please remember quality over quantity! If you write a guide, type it out in Word or something to check your spelling and grammar. Let's work towards a superior website!
  15. I downloaded the hg/ss pokesav and opened it up and it said it had win32 malware. anyone knowwhat is wrong??
  16. When I load them through pokesav it gives me an egg for both raikou and entei. Crown Suicune works.
  17. I was busy with downloading some events from the event database and noticed a few broken links, missing events and other things: 1: TM31 Brick Break - USA has a broken link 2: Secret key - USA has a broken link (2x) 3: Regigigas (TRU) - USA is 2x on the event download page 4: Milotic (shiny) - USA and UK is 2x on the event download page 5: Weavile - world09 - USA is missing while newer events are already up and I'm sure it's contributed somewhere 6: Pikachu - TCGWC - USA is missing (never contributed?) 2 things I want to suggest for the future: - Please make a log on the main page where you can see what has been fixed, uploaded, etc. on the event download page (and when) - please split up the english event section (UK/ USA / AUS on different pages) and split up the items from the pokémon G.
  18. Hi there, i just want to know if you make an updated version of the english HG/SS Pokesav, because some of the butons such as Events did not work i.e. you can not klick on them, but i think all the users that will play HG/SS will also create the same things they did when Diamond and Pearl were up to date! So I hope someone might be in a position to fix this!
  19. Wraith89 EDIT: From now on chycorita, post your Korean updates here instead of making separate topics! Pokemon Platinum Version will come out in Korean. It will come out on July 2nd Thursday It will be called Pocket Monsters Giratina Version. The image is the same as the one for the US image below http://ruliweb.nate.com/ruliboard/read.htm?main=pocketmon&table=gr_pocket_info&db=3&num=287
  20. Why is there no news on the site there is a lot of stuff that not up.
  21. At this exact moment I am unable to access the official site for the game:mad::eek::confused:. The error code 404 keeps appearing. Is this just me or might they be uploading new codes?
  22. ok, so when all these mystery gifts happen in japan and this site gets the wonder card and pokemon, can i download the pokemon like the pikachu-colored pichu to my pokemon platinum game, or do i have to use my action replay? just was wondering becuase i want the mystery gifts that i cant get. thanks!
  23. For some reason when I try to access the site using IE8 I get an error message that says "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.projectpokemon.org. Operation Aborted." I've done Googleing and have found out that the error can be caused by problem in a site's coding. Can anything be done? Has anybody else had this problem accessing the site in IE8. BTW, in case anyone wonders, I'm accessing the site via Firefox right now. EDIT: It only seems to happen when I try to go to the main site. If I directly to the chat page or the forum it works fine.
  24. Is it possible that you could put a zip file with all legit pkm files in the PKM Downloads section thanks. If you can't be bothered to download them and zip them I can do it for you.
  25. Why is Fenzo's site blocked? I mean, he thanks multiple people from PP on his front page. To my knowledge, no other links are censored, so why is his? What I mean is it comes up like this: http://www.********** Compared to: http://www.serebii.net http://www.google.com http://www.pokemonsecure.com EDIT: If for some reason this information is more appropriate via PM then a public post, then those with answers can PM me. I'm just curious.
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