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  1. I am geting both games because and I can't wait I wonder what free gifts we get.
  2. Cool the 2 Pokemon are good I relley like Zorua
  3. Cool I cant wait untill Pokemon Gen V comes out in Europe.
  4. When is Europe geting a Pokemon Event.
  5. We will get more info this week from coro coro and Pokemon Sunday.
  6. I cant wailt untill this comes out in Europe I hope it comes out this year.
  7. I wonder when Europe will get this Pokemon.
  8. Why is there no news on the site there is a lot of stuff that not up.
  9. If anyone got a new Wii please pm me your wii code to get you on the internet so you and I can get free wii points.
  10. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky and upcomeing Europen games.
  11. Can you please put Europe game Release Dates on the site because I like going on this site but there is nothing on Europen games and Events?
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