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  1. Recently, I was doing some research with Pokesav and the hidden hex values in my game. And i found that i could create a pokemon. So I downloaded the file for Ditto off the PP.org site, and edited it. I wanted to see if it would pass legality checker if i made it a hatched pokemon. It did. WTF? shouldn't legality checker be able to tell that ditto can't come from an egg? Unless they changed something, and we can get baby dittos now...
  2. I downloaded this site's PKM file of the Pokemon Box Zigzagoon and it passed the Legality Checker... I then tried to edit its IVs so it had IV's of 31 in Attack and Speed, with a legal (or I thought) PID, but it showed this in the "type" field of the Legality Checher when I replugged it in Type: Never seen this. B-A-D-E (Unrestricted) How do I make my Zigzagoon so the type shows as "Common GBA Event (Unrestricted)" like the readme says it should be? I really want its IVs in Attack and Speed to be 31, but I want it to pass the Legality Checker! Is there a way?
  3. Hey, I recently started using pokesav a few weeks ago, however, only downloaded the legality checker today. They work on PBR and everything, yet, to my dismay, all my pokemon were read as "hacked" or "unknown GBA"... I really don't know what I'm supposed to do to make these guys legal and would appreciate any help. Thanks. charizard2.pkm Donphan.pkm gyarados.pkm tangrowth.pkm Aerodactyl.pkm snorlax.pkm
  4. ok, i have two 'problems'. so today i traded a japanese shroomish (ユカリ) (from japanese hayley) from some guy via wifi. i was wondering if it was the exact same as the one on the events downloads, so i checked both of them, the one i received, and the one on the site, and they had the same PID, but different ivs. does this mean some guy just changed the ivs from the .pkm on this site? or does pokemon ranch give out the same PID each time, but different ivs. is that possible? they are both jolly, and both class two males, the only difference i can see are the ivs. also, legal.exe said both of them were hacked, but i am not sure if it can check ranch pokemon properly. thanks, ifyg.
  5. Okami


    Please pardon my gravedigging, guys. I tried to work out the Hex Values myself. Can someone check these and tell me if they are correct? Since we all know I'm not a very math-oriented person, I need to know if I've done a good job or not. AERODACTYL_PLAT.pkm ALAKAZAM_PLAT.pkm DRAGONITE_PLAT.pkm LUCARIO_PLAT.pkm METAGROSS_PLAT.pkm VAPOREON_PLAT.pkm
  6. Hy guys! I've a problem with the legality of some pokemon events: last time I've download the pokemon event "Pikachu coloured Pichu" by your database; but THIS SITE-->http://pokeguide.filb.de/pac.php says that this pokemon are CHEAT. In a second time, I've try with Legal.exe (download in this page: http://projectpokemon.org/editing/legalitychecker.php) and the result is tath the pokemon are legit O_O While is the true? Are this pokemon legit or not? Sorry for my bad english ^^"
  7. I just created a Darkrai and Infernape and after I used a legal checker everything was valid but for their type its "Very rare GBA" and common GBA event (unrestricted)" Since you can't get either poke in gba is this an issue and is there a way to fix this? Thanks Darkrai.pkm Ursaring ~ Quick Feet.pkm Infernape ~ Special Mix.pkm
  8. I have this pokemon I got from a friend, a new Pichu thing from down in Japan. My friend went to place himself, and gave me a copy of it. However, I checked it in legal and it comes up as a hack. I trust me friend, and this program isn't working. The same thing happened to some Metagross my friend gave me as well. I think it was like Red Metagross or something like that. They all come up as Type: Hacked Pokemon. How can this be incorrectly checking my pokemon?
  9. Hi, just trying out pokesav for the first time, I was wondering if i did these right? Ran them through legality checker and all but suicune came up as valid, but i was wondering if anything might be missing. Also, for suicune, I cant figure out why he is invalid. It says unknown type, what does that mean? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks! GARCHOMP.pkm METAGROSS.pkm SALAMENCE.pkm SUICUNE.pkm
  10. Excuse I my bad English, I am French which uses a translator ^^ " (if you answer, try not to make faults because otherwise I am going to understand nothing.) then Here we are, I made a rayquaza, which should be legal but he(it) does not go to Wi-Fi on Pokemon Battle revolution. Can use me? Here is the file: http://www.archive-host.com/compteur.php?url=http://sd-1.archive-host.com/membres/up/7418224633336405/MegaRayquaza.zip
  11. are this hatched pokemon legal? Magnezone.pkm Mamoswine.pkm Rotom.pkm Scizor.pkm Tyranitar.pkm Vaporeon.pkm
  12. Hi! I've recently been trying to hack some Pokemon and to test the Cresselia I hacked I tried trading it to my Platinum by using the GTS. However, when I go to the GTS in my Platinum game and search for the Cresselia it doesn't show up. I'm assuming this is because I'm doing something wrong. These Pokemon are going to be hacked onto my Diamond. I used the guides here so I think they're ok for the most part but I think I'm missing something small. My Trash Bytes should be ok, but if there's anything wrong with the Pokemon it's probably them, I think.. cresselia.pkm empoleon.pkm flygon.pkm latios.pkm ninetails.pkm staraptor.pkm
  13. I am trying to "revive" my old pokemon game because it ws stolen from me and I had a max of 1000+ hrs. Luckily I recorded the IVs and natures of the shinies I found in the wild (w/o using AR) -i legitamately caught them. Now with this new game file I am trying to recreate them in pokeSAV. Thing is when I try and generate a PID w/ the shiny box checked, it automatically unchecks the box when I go to select the correct type. So in a nutshell it will not give me the correct PID/IV of a shiny. In the legality checker it always comes up as a hacked pokemon *type* for my shiny due to when I go to recheck the box for shiny it creates an invalid set of PID/IV correlation. :bidoof: Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance. -tt
  14. How to a I make a legal pokemon from scratch using pokesav? Seems like there should be a guild for such a thing here stickied. I'm trying to make a Tropius as I've had no luck with the Safari (I hate the safari!).
  15. Hey guys and gals, I need help, want to make sure this is 100% legal. Let me know if you found any mistake, I will fix it. I want to make sure it's 100% legal so I can use it on PBR wifi. Thanks! Elite_Riku
  16. I was wondering because this is what i saw in the legality checker: [file] => ./tmp/Wavile_fae520f05d09ae62d3920423e62cc335.pkm [pokemon_id] => 461 [pokemon_name] => Weavile [pokemon_data] => Array [checksum] => 0xE293 - Valid [pokemonid] => 395286513 - Jolly, Male, Ability 2, Not Shiny [ivs] => 31,31,31,31,31,31 [trainerid] => 35698 [secretid] => 57672 [trainersex] => Male [hiddenpower] => Dark - 70 [fateful] => No [gendercheck] => Valid [ev] => Valid [nicknamed] => Yes [hometown] => Sinnoh [Platinum] [countryorigin] => Invalid [type] => Hatched Everything i did looks fine, but when i try to use it on Wifi in battle revolution, it wont alllow me to use it. Help please?
  17. Attached is a scizor heatran and a azelf. I have correct levels legit IVs genders and abilities with a PID to match from the generator. Its been a while since i had a problem. I created a shaymin with no problem. Can anyone take a look and tell me whats wrong? Remember these are for platinum. I double checked levels for them Also, i'm checking them by going to battle arcade and recording a video. It wont send which means one isnt legal. pokemon.rar
  18. well i made it starting from a TRU shaymin. i changed the location met to flower paradise. Changed OT and id# and i changed the IVs and gave it a matching type1 pid. changed location to sinnoh plat and i think thats all of it. Did i miss anything? Does flower paradise need a hidden hex?
  19. is that even possible since it was like an event pokemon? i was trying to make the stats and looked everywhere to see what i should put for encounter and what not... i only have platinum so i couldn't get a regular mew and shiny it either... can someone tell me the base stats of a legal looking mew? i don't need great stats either -- i don't play tourneys and stuff - just like having a nice looking pokemon with typical game stats -- making them too strong makes the game not fun -- also i hate having incorrect stats.. thanks
  20. Does this shiny code make the game create legal PID Relationships for PKMN? 02064ec8 47104a00 02064ecc 02000031 94000130 fcfe0200 02066db8 47084900 02066dbc 02000001 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fcfe0100 02066db8 95019000 02066dbc 90022000 d2000000 00000000 62000000 95019000 e2000000 0000004c 95019000 90022000 1c28b40d f0684907 1c01fd4d 2901bc0d 4902d101 49024708 00004708 02066dc1 02066d9f 00000000 95019000 69384a04 98046010 4b019a09 00004718 02064ed1 0200002c 00000000 d2000000 00000000 It's the code where you press A + R on the Trainer card. I don't have any way of backing up my saves to the computer otherwise I'd check the the PKMN I caught with it in Legit.exe.
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