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  1. Which pokemon are considered to have the staus " fateful encounter" Does it only appear for pokemon that were given away as a promotion? or can some in game legends have it? I ask because i am making a cresselia and i want it legit
  2. I was wondering because this is what i saw in the legality checker: [file] => ./tmp/Wavile_fae520f05d09ae62d3920423e62cc335.pkm [pokemon_id] => 461 [pokemon_name] => Weavile [pokemon_data] => Array [checksum] => 0xE293 - Valid [pokemonid] => 395286513 - Jolly, Male, Ability 2, Not Shiny [ivs] => 31,31,31,31,31,31 [trainerid] => 35698 [secretid] => 57672 [trainersex] => Male [hiddenpower] => Dark - 70 [fateful] => No [gendercheck] => Valid [ev] => Valid [nicknamed] => Yes [hometown] => Sinnoh [Platinum] [countryorigin] => Invalid [type] => Hatched Everything i did looks fine, but when i try to use it on Wifi in battle revolution, it wont alllow me to use it. Help please?
  3. i seem to be running into some problems with this program. I downloaded microsoft's program, as well as legality checker, but im not sure how to upload the info on the checker. someone help?
  4. i have a small question about hex values. i remember someone in the last forum that hex values arent needed for hatched pokemon in platinum. it this true?
  5. Now i do know how to Sav Pokemon, but whenever i create them, they always come up as not being Legit as PBR doesnt let me use them on wifi. I've watched Fenzo's Saving tutorial for PLat and you don't need hex values on hatched pokemon in platinum, and status to hatched at daycare? someone please Clarify what im doing wrong
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