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  1. Hello everyone, I am wanting to ask this community if someone can please tell me how to install PKHeX on my MacBook Pro in detail because I am a complete dunce. I know I’m the not the brightest knife in the crayon box, and I've tried so many different ways in order to have the software on my system. I'll be honest and admit that I hardly know what I am doing and don’t know how to use Wine and its multiple counterparts. If it is possible for someone to reach out to me in the direct messages or get in touch with me through discord ( Kingg._.Kidd#8467 ) I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I've been reading quite a few forums on what happens to the met dates of Pokémon but I need some concrete facts on how it works please as I'm a little confused now. When do met dates change (during poke transfer/Pokémon bank)? For example, this Blastoise, I made the date a random time after 'receiving it in Gen 4' (anytime after the release date of diamond/pearl). So hypothetically, this Pokémon should go to gen 5, does the met date change here? OR, when it is received into Pokémon bank/gen 6, does its met date change (again)? Even though met date isn't shown from generation 7+, I want the date to be as 'accurate' as it can be. So for reference, what year would this Blastoise be accurate?, or is this completely fine? Also, could I have the same info for what happens to the met level please? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there I couldn't find a gameboy forum so im popping my post into GBA as its closest thing to it, so I'm planning on making a ROM hack probably very difficult due to it being gen 1 and not having a single clue about coding other than having the story of strangled red creepy pasta. The story of the fake game has always made me wonder what a game without the original characters would be like before red, before team rocket what would the main goal be in the story apart from the obvious ones we know given to us in the story. So yeah I'm basically calling for help if anyone knows decent tools i could use for making a gameboy hack with that might still be around from early 2000s? Many thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to use PKHeX with an old emulator save I have from years ago. It says that input file is too large - and it is, it's twice as large as it should be. Could someone use a hex editor to help me trim down the file? I would greatly appreciate it. lgc-pkmp.sav
  5. So I was playing pokemon emerald on the No$Gba when I was tired of some texture bugs in it that make playing some parts of the game absolutely painful, so I decided to change to mGBA since I heard it's just better. I set up all the mGBA files, I saved a new game on the mGBA and tried replacing the new save file on the folder with the no$gba save, I renamed it from .SAV to .sav. Then I started up the game again and it just said "New game". I searched on the internet about how to fix this, but they all say something about a RAW or compressed file in no$gba.ini, the problem is I don't see that file, I tried downlaoding the newest version 3.05, but it just doesn't show up. I don't want to restart since I have a lot of progress on my game, please help
  6. Hello all, I'm new to these forums but I really need your help! I was editing some pokemon that i have been working on for half a year on pkhex last night and In my groggy state, I accidentally permanently deleted my pkmn Sun's main save file from my PC without having a recent back-up saved somewhere. I panicked and ended up purchasing a file recovery service in EaseUS, to recover the said main save file. Now when I try to open the file with pkhex it says it's corrupted or using a different version (which I have not changed) I will upload the recovered file here and maybe one of you heroes can help me out. I really hope this file isn't completely lost :(( main
  7. I wanted to try out the new following pokemon mod for Emerald for my first play-through of Hoenn. The problem is that the mod is very buggy and sometimes causes the camera to be off-center. It would have been just a graphical glitch if it wasn't for the game using the camera's coordinates for the world boundaries, meaning one could get stuck in a building if the camera gets below the player character. That is what happened to me. I tried using walk through walls cheats but that didn't work. I am thinking that changing the player character's location to another room but I have no idea how to do that. I attached my save in-case anyone wants to see the problem themselves. Pokemon Emerald.sav
  8. can we trade pokemon from scarlet locally with a hacked switch on emunand?
  9. I know that GUMY art and others have pdf templates but I would rather download the sprites myself and make it , can someone tell me where to get the sprites like in GUMY art's video he used the professor oak's lab which had no objects how do I get that or how can I make that? If there a way to extract assets or tiles from the game itself(the game I am looking to extract from is Pokemon fire red or lead green) then Please help
  10. Hiya! I'm a goofy fella and have lately been wondering if we've discovered a way to save all the Pokemon trapped in everyone's Pokewalkers over the past many years, if not we should try and find one! Now that sounds like a silly thing to want but I disagree, to me this is what Pokemon is about! Here's a list of all the info we have about the device https://github.com/mamba2410/reverse-pokewalker And here's a link to the gen 4 data structure, I'm unsure if this is helpful or not https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_data_structure_(Generation_IV) Here are some test pokemon and saves from the pokewalker I got for research! (Empty)pweep.rom ------------------------ (Karpy)pweep.rom 129 - Karpy - CD18759959C0.pk4 ---------------------------------------- (Arcesus)pweep.rom 493 - Arcesus - C64D915DC67F.pk4 ------------------------------------------ (Cool fish!)pweep.rom 349 - Cool fish! - CE4E99ABD544.pk4 ------------------------------------------- (Karpy2)pweep.rom 129 ★ - Karpy2 - CCE4861AFBBD.pk4 ------------------------------------------- If anyone can figure out how to rescue these trapped Pokemon I'd be an amazing breakthrough! Thanks for reading!
  11. my switch is just recently modded, and i did move the data on my pokemon violet to my sd card and i still cant find it, 1.30 version btw
  12. I was wondering if i could restore my reproduction Pokemon Sapphire and Fire Red Save File, although sadly i dont know how since the game saves on the SRAM of the ROM, or maybe if i could perhaps flash the cartridge with a normal rom and then restore the save file using godmode9 (although i dont know how or if it can even be done), or if there is any way to "inject" or put the save file onto the SRAM.
  13. Hey everyone, i need some help with changing the gender of my character, as the gender switch in pkhex is dissabled. is there any other possible way to do that?
  14. i've made sure everything was in the right order, the location was of the regular Ralts spawn location, and the game was normal. also, every mark except for the Gourmand mark are not working. i require help pls 475 - Genji - DB5200000000.pk9
  15. So basically, I keep getting this error message every time I try to open my old Pokemon Black save file even on the latest version of PKHex. It's completely unedited as far as I'm aware but it just never works. It's definitely not just a PKHex thing since the save file won't load anywhere else either, like when I try to load the game with it nothing happens, so basically I was just wondering whether or not it actually is corrupted and if so is there anything that can be done about it. Just really want to know since I haven't seen this save since about 2012 as that's when it initially stopped working for me. I have attached both the PKHex error message and the .sav file itself for convenience and I hope something can be done about it. Cheers for any info given in advance. Pokemon Black (U).SAV
  16. Hey all, I wanted to update my trainer name and gender in my ancient Pokemon Crystal save. Went and edited my trainer card with my updated name and flipped my gender. Then I used the bulk update to change every Pokemon in my boxes and party with the change =OT_Name=Devin .OT_Name=Rachel .OT_Gender=1 And just to verify. TID is the same still and the names/gender match! Great! Exported and loaded back up on my Analogue Pocket. Player avatar and trainer card look right! However, when I flip to my pokémon stats, the OT now says "?" instead of my new name? Before this is used to read "Devin" (my old name) ofc. This is my legit pokémon I've had form the beginning of the game Also just tried saving the game and resetting but no dice. Did I miss a step? Is there a bug here? Thanks all for this wonderful utility.
  17. I'm trying to spawn in a Cryogonal with the Blizzard Mark, which according to https://www.serebii.net/scarletviolet/marks.shtml, is found on Pokemon 1/50 times when they are caught in a snowstorm. I've applied it in all 3 areas, and it's caught in the Glasedao Mountains, where there are snowstorms, but I can't find out to make it legal or where to check that it was caught in a snowstorm for PKHex to recognise it. Can someone please help me with this? 615 ★ - Cryogonal - 248651248553.pk9
  18. Just a simple question here: What order of Ai bits make it harder? You can make lots of combinations of them, like you can have 'strong' and 'basic' checked, or all three of them checked and I'm just wondering if it just uses whatever the highest level checked is. And if that's the case why are they in random combinations in the editor? - Screenshot so you know what I'm talking about Thanks in advance
  19. Hello! I've begun a new file of Platinum and I am confused as to why it states that the file is too large.
  20. Hi I am pretty new to all this I have only been using pkhex for a week and a half now yesterday when I finished genning whenever I went to start my game I kept getting this error message nothing I would do fixed it so I erased all my saved files and restarted the game from scratch. Once I’ve gotten far enough in the game where I can picnic and use my ride Pokémon I brought my Mon over one by one to the new save file and when I finished and restored the file in jksv when I went to start the game up again this time I get this error message please help me I don’t know what’s going on or why this keeps happening but I don’t want to have to keep starting over. Again I’m very new to all of this so if you can please explain like you were talking to a child . Please and thank you to all who helps.
  21. hey guys ! i've got 2 problems , hopefully someone could give me a hand on it. #1 i got a 6IV ditto from tera cave (no savedata edited) and whenever i tried to reroll the PID for the ditto in PKHex , it shows that "unable to match an encounter from origin game" is it possible that some Gen9 pokemon's PID are somehow related to their IV and nature? #2 its really weird that i couldn't find any 6IV Dittos in the encounter database (its like maximun only 5IV) then i tried to modified the IV manually , in result it shows ""unable to match an encounter from origin game" again just wondering if there's anyway to generate a 6IV Ditto from encounter database whitch is met in tera cave! plz help me ! thanks a lot !
  22. I dont know if this is the right place to ask but i figured its better than doing nothing. So my violet seems to be installed on my microsd card. So i took it out and put it in my computer but i cant seem to find the save for the game anywhere. Help. Pls.
  23. I want to basically hack Gen 3 games to have all party pokemon at 1 HP. After hours of Googling I have not gotten any closer to figuring out how, or what tool(s) i even need to use to make this happen. Some Twitchers/Poketubers have done these playthroughs before
  24. I need help in legalizing my Latios and Latios in Pokemon Ruby, the only problem I'm facing is the "Encounter Type PID mismatch" error which is super easy to fix for most Pokemon, while editing all my other Pokemon I have no issue in changing their IV's, gender and more. But the only 4 Pokemon that I can't legalize when I change IV's are Latios, Latios, Celebi and Jirachi in Ruby, and of what I've heard other people have the same problems for Suicune, Raikou and Entei. I have literally tried all methods of finding a legit PID in RNG Reporter but for these Pokemon using RNG Reporter won't solve my issue also since I'm currently playing Generation 3 games I can't hyper-train my Pokemon, I can only smoothly play the Pokemon games of Generations 1-5 on my laptop and it's too slow to run the Pokemon games of generations 6-8.The only thing I do that is apparently invalid is changing these annoying Pokemons' IV's all I want to do is input my desired IV's and give them the desired nature(My preferred nature for the Latios and Latios is 'Modest') but no matter what new PID RNG Reporter generates it always gives me the same error time and time again for these Pokemon only. I'm thinking that these Pokemon use a different unique PID generation method but I hope that's not the case, so if anyone can help me in legalizing my Pokemon I would appreciate it a hell lot. Plus I tried putting a legal Celebi PID into a Latios and I changed it's IV's to match the legal Celebi but the Latios still had the same error, so I think maybe every one of these 7 Pokemon each use a unique PID generation method. 381 - LATIOS - 4569AA064609.pk3 380 - LATIAS - D4F7F9426F72.pk3
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