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  1. I was wondering if i could restore my reproduction Pokemon Sapphire and Fire Red Save File, although sadly i dont know how since the game saves on the SRAM of the ROM, or maybe if i could perhaps flash the cartridge with a normal rom and then restore the save file using godmode9 (although i dont know how or if it can even be done), or if there is any way to "inject" or put the save file onto the SRAM.
  2. Hello everyone, I am wanting to ask this community if someone can please tell me how to install PKHeX on my MacBook Pro in detail because I am a complete dunce. I know I’m the not the brightest knife in the crayon box, and I've tried so many different ways in order to have the software on my system. I'll be honest and admit that I hardly know what I am doing and don’t know how to use Wine and its multiple counterparts. If it is possible for someone to reach out to me in the direct messages or get in touch with me through discord ( Kingg._.Kidd#8467 ) I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Hey everyone, i need some help with changing the gender of my character, as the gender switch in pkhex is dissabled. is there any other possible way to do that?
  4. i've made sure everything was in the right order, the location was of the regular Ralts spawn location, and the game was normal. also, every mark except for the Gourmand mark are not working. i require help pls 475 - Genji - DB5200000000.pk9
  5. So basically, I keep getting this error message every time I try to open my old Pokemon Black save file even on the latest version of PKHex. It's completely unedited as far as I'm aware but it just never works. It's definitely not just a PKHex thing since the save file won't load anywhere else either, like when I try to load the game with it nothing happens, so basically I was just wondering whether or not it actually is corrupted and if so is there anything that can be done about it. Just really want to know since I haven't seen this save since about 2012 as that's when it initially stopped working for me. I have attached both the PKHex error message and the .sav file itself for convenience and I hope something can be done about it. Cheers for any info given in advance. Pokemon Black (U).SAV
  6. Hey all, I wanted to update my trainer name and gender in my ancient Pokemon Crystal save. Went and edited my trainer card with my updated name and flipped my gender. Then I used the bulk update to change every Pokemon in my boxes and party with the change =OT_Name=Devin .OT_Name=Rachel .OT_Gender=1 And just to verify. TID is the same still and the names/gender match! Great! Exported and loaded back up on my Analogue Pocket. Player avatar and trainer card look right! However, when I flip to my pokémon stats, the OT now says "?" instead of my new name? Before this is used to read "Devin" (my old name) ofc. This is my legit pokémon I've had form the beginning of the game Also just tried saving the game and resetting but no dice. Did I miss a step? Is there a bug here? Thanks all for this wonderful utility.
  7. I'm trying to spawn in a Cryogonal with the Blizzard Mark, which according to https://www.serebii.net/scarletviolet/marks.shtml, is found on Pokemon 1/50 times when they are caught in a snowstorm. I've applied it in all 3 areas, and it's caught in the Glasedao Mountains, where there are snowstorms, but I can't find out to make it legal or where to check that it was caught in a snowstorm for PKHex to recognise it. Can someone please help me with this? 615 ★ - Cryogonal - 248651248553.pk9
  8. Just a simple question here: What order of Ai bits make it harder? You can make lots of combinations of them, like you can have 'strong' and 'basic' checked, or all three of them checked and I'm just wondering if it just uses whatever the highest level checked is. And if that's the case why are they in random combinations in the editor? - Screenshot so you know what I'm talking about Thanks in advance
  9. Hello! I've begun a new file of Platinum and I am confused as to why it states that the file is too large.
  10. Hi I am pretty new to all this I have only been using pkhex for a week and a half now yesterday when I finished genning whenever I went to start my game I kept getting this error message nothing I would do fixed it so I erased all my saved files and restarted the game from scratch. Once I’ve gotten far enough in the game where I can picnic and use my ride Pokémon I brought my Mon over one by one to the new save file and when I finished and restored the file in jksv when I went to start the game up again this time I get this error message please help me I don’t know what’s going on or why this keeps happening but I don’t want to have to keep starting over. Again I’m very new to all of this so if you can please explain like you were talking to a child . Please and thank you to all who helps.
  11. hey guys ! i've got 2 problems , hopefully someone could give me a hand on it. #1 i got a 6IV ditto from tera cave (no savedata edited) and whenever i tried to reroll the PID for the ditto in PKHex , it shows that "unable to match an encounter from origin game" is it possible that some Gen9 pokemon's PID are somehow related to their IV and nature? #2 its really weird that i couldn't find any 6IV Dittos in the encounter database (its like maximun only 5IV) then i tried to modified the IV manually , in result it shows ""unable to match an encounter from origin game" again just wondering if there's anyway to generate a 6IV Ditto from encounter database whitch is met in tera cave! plz help me ! thanks a lot !
  12. I dont know if this is the right place to ask but i figured its better than doing nothing. So my violet seems to be installed on my microsd card. So i took it out and put it in my computer but i cant seem to find the save for the game anywhere. Help. Pls.
  13. I want to basically hack Gen 3 games to have all party pokemon at 1 HP. After hours of Googling I have not gotten any closer to figuring out how, or what tool(s) i even need to use to make this happen. Some Twitchers/Poketubers have done these playthroughs before
  14. I need help in legalizing my Latios and Latios in Pokemon Ruby, the only problem I'm facing is the "Encounter Type PID mismatch" error which is super easy to fix for most Pokemon, while editing all my other Pokemon I have no issue in changing their IV's, gender and more. But the only 4 Pokemon that I can't legalize when I change IV's are Latios, Latios, Celebi and Jirachi in Ruby, and of what I've heard other people have the same problems for Suicune, Raikou and Entei. I have literally tried all methods of finding a legit PID in RNG Reporter but for these Pokemon using RNG Reporter won't solve my issue also since I'm currently playing Generation 3 games I can't hyper-train my Pokemon, I can only smoothly play the Pokemon games of Generations 1-5 on my laptop and it's too slow to run the Pokemon games of generations 6-8.The only thing I do that is apparently invalid is changing these annoying Pokemons' IV's all I want to do is input my desired IV's and give them the desired nature(My preferred nature for the Latios and Latios is 'Modest') but no matter what new PID RNG Reporter generates it always gives me the same error time and time again for these Pokemon only. I'm thinking that these Pokemon use a different unique PID generation method but I hope that's not the case, so if anyone can help me in legalizing my Pokemon I would appreciate it a hell lot. Plus I tried putting a legal Celebi PID into a Latios and I changed it's IV's to match the legal Celebi but the Latios still had the same error, so I think maybe every one of these 7 Pokemon each use a unique PID generation method. 381 - LATIOS - 4569AA064609.pk3 380 - LATIAS - D4F7F9426F72.pk3
  15. Hi, I'm looking for a few animated assests from the games, I'm planning to do a small animation test using files from the games, but I need help finding a few: Waves moving while at Beach + Bubbles Crystals changing colour when touched + entrance appearing Gate of Time appearance and animation Portal appearing behind Dusknoir + disappearance animation - Hidden Land Primal Dialga roaring + Normal Dialga roaring World being restored Lapras flying towards the Hidden Land (the drawn looking scene) Rainbow Stoneship moving Grovyle and players struggling with binds (In The Future) Prison Portal appearing behind Dusknoir in Treasure Town + Dissapearance Time Gears being placed into the Tower All blank without any characters please. For the animated 'drawn' cutscenes, it may be easier to use them, but is there a way to get the scenes without any dialouge poppng up?
  16. Hey guys, I am trying to make a mini web-dev project. I am using the Pokémon models/sprites available in this website. However, whenever I put the models/sprites (Which are GIF files, the quality of the gif becomes unbelievably bad(looks very pixelated), the bigger you make it(Even when it's not really that big). Do you guys have any solution to this? I'd appreciate it.
  17. when ever i try to open the sav. file in pkhex it says binary invalid, and i am kinda confused, can anyone help with this? much appreciated.
  18. Hey guys, I wonder if someone could help me! I was doing a Shiny Ribbon Quest with a Heracross - I traded her from my Emerald cartridge to my Sapphire cartridge - The trade was fine in Emerald so Heracross left the Emerald, but, the save didn't save right in Sapphire, so the save file was corrupted, and it's restored it to a previous save. Since it still says the save was corrupted, I was hoping she still existed somewhere in that data, so, maybe it could be restored, or, failing that, able to be pulled from the party to the box, or something! Thank you very much for any help, guys! POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE01.sav
  19. Hey guys, I'm working on my own black 2 rom hack and currently I'm wondering how I would be able to make hidden abilities appear on pokemon that spawn in grass and other terrain, given that dream world is down nowadays. Any help goes a long way.
  20. Hi! I'm Lesaath, I'm new to creating hack roms (except for a really bad sapphire one I did like 8 years ago) but I played a lot both GBA/NDS and RPG Maker fan games. What I want to do is creating a game/rom based on the Sinnoh of ~20 years before the D/P games and you play as a young Cynthia that starts her adventure. I have a more clear idea in my mind (so if needed I will post more) but basically is that, you start in Celestic Town and then it will be basically a normal pokemon game of the main series. Now, the reason I am making this topic is that I don't know how to proceed to make things well. First of all I'm divided into trying to work with RPG Maker or NDS Roms (even because Idk how much you can edit with NDS tools). A little advice on what should I use and what is the best way to proceed for the project would be really appreciated ^^ Thanks to everyone that will answer and sorry if this is not the right section ^^"
  21. Hey guys, I'll try to explain everything to the detail. I was playing Pokemon Red VC (spanish version) in my 2ds (with CFW). I had Haunter at lvl 35 and wanted to evolve it to Gengar, so I turned off my console, and apparently my brain too, because I wanted to make a backup for the save before editing it with PkHex but instead deleted it permanently. I managed to recover it, but when I open the game it says "The save data is corrupted and will be reset" or something like that, So yeah, that's where I'm at. When I try to open it with PkHex i get the following error (image). I'm ready to start a new game, lost all hope, but I really want to learn from this, so any tips, easier ways to edit a save, methods to prevent this, etc, will be welcome. Thanks in advance guys.
  22. okay so I have been trying to find the offset for shiny rates so I can attempt an all shiny nuzlocke. However, when I extract the arm9.bin file and load it into a Hex editor, it says that the offset doesn't even exist. How do I find the offeset if this is the case? Better yet, are there videos showing a step by step to show me what I'm doing wrong? I would like to add that I can find the offset easily in other pokemon games, but not black or white.
  23. I can’t figure out how to use the trainer editor on PK3DS on ultra moon. Can somebody help me? I can’t change the Pokémon people have. In the picture it shows a mime junior but I can’t change it.
  24. Hi all, not sure if this is the best place to post something like this but im not quite sure where else to turn. The story is as follows: I boot up pokemon silver after a long hiatus and go to defeat Jasmine in the Olivine City gym. I white out because its been a while and leave to get my pokemon healed up. later I return to the gym after remembering how pokemon works lol but am greeted by someone at the door saying "Object Event" and am not let into the gym. As far as I understand this happens when the game doesnt quite know what to do, its just a placeholder. Being stuck, I continue to try and get through as much of Johto as I can, defeating all the other gyms and kicking team rocket out of mahogony town imagining maybe that will move the game to a state where I can get in to fight Jasmine again. But no dice, still Object Event, still shut out. Im not quite sure what to do at this point and so am very open to any suggestions. This is all that I think is keeping me from progressing the story and It would be a bummer to have to start from scratch :/
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