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  1. First Hi to every1 in this forums, second...i just downloaded some GBA events from pokemon database or something.....and i hope some1 will help me edit them slightly ....v Ho-Oh----->Adamant Nature +Switch the Attack IV With The SpAttack Iv Lugia----->Sassy nature + Switch The HP IV With The Attack IV + Reduce Speed To 17 LATIAS---->Modest/Mild Nature + HP to 22 +SAttack to 24 (IVs Ofcoure) LATIOS---->Timid nature + SpAttack to 23 + HP to 25 (IVs Ofcoure) And also what is this "Normal NDS or GBA A-B-C-D" ?? And Lastly Plz if you can make it as they were migrated to Sinnoh (Platinum) Plz Do !!....... Thanks, Sarutan PS:If You can't do what i said above just make them appear legal or edit that stupid hidden value..... PSS: When i said switch i meant to it like this ( Spd IVs= 31 / HP IVs= 20 ------> Spd IVs= 20 / HP IVs= 31 ) Get It ?? EDIT: I give up !!, I think i'll stick to HG/SS.....<<< GBA EVENTS.rar
  2. Hy guys! I've a problem with the legality of some pokemon events: last time I've download the pokemon event "Pikachu coloured Pichu" by your database; but THIS SITE-->http://pokeguide.filb.de/pac.php says that this pokemon are CHEAT. In a second time, I've try with Legal.exe (download in this page: http://projectpokemon.org/editing/legalitychecker.php) and the result is tath the pokemon are legit O_O While is the true? Are this pokemon legit or not? Sorry for my bad english ^^"
  3. Hi, sorry for the trouble but 2 weeks ago I entered in project pokemon page and i found a lot of pokemon events downloads from japan, and now i dont know how to enter that page again, so if someone knows can you give theurl of the page, please?
  4. Can someone create me a Pokepark Psyduck, and Pokepark Oddish and make them look legit and please make it quick. I need them quickly. Thanks so much! edit: nvm close this please.
  5. okay my last thread became deleted but no body told me anything about it okay so i want wifi mew for pokemon pearl that you could get at jan. 29 where you can get wondercard and pick it up at the pokemart and also the same condition for game stop shiny mew
  6. Hi, Im looking for a red and green anniversary pichu still in an egg. If you have them, please feel free to tell me, ill be offering really good events. Thanks Hi, im offering legit shokotan pichus ( pikachu colored pichu ) for the following pokemon: Red and Green Anniversary Pichu PC Osaka Meowth TRU Manaphy Saikyou Magmortar Please offer only UT events. Thanks
  7. does anybody know where i could find a list for pokemon events through wi-fi in america? i just figured out how to do this today and i got the mystery key. Are there gonna be any others like the pikachu colore pichu in america?
  8. 1. You know how wonder cards have ID's? How do we find them out? 2. The info for event arceus is on serebii, does this mean we can add it to the event section?
  9. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but I've been on the chat before. Here's the scenario. In June 2006, I went to Journey Across America in Michigan. I was able to get Celebi (on 5 different carts, even), as well as 16 of the 20 "top 20" Pokémon. Well, when it came time to put them on Diamond, I didn't want to lose them, so I used my slot-2 Supercard to clone them, and once I had two of each, I migrated one set. Well, I was trying to do that again so I could put them all on Platinum, and I foolishly erased five of them. (In order to have it actually save, you need to save the .sav to RAM, and I failed to do that so they're now gone forever) Well since there's no Pokésav for R/S/E, I'm looking for somebody who has a GBA cartridge that still has LEGIT JAA Pokémon on them. I could then use their .sav on my Supercard, and put them back onto Ruby so I'll have them again. (And I could possibly have all 20, not just 16) So far, though, I haven't encountered anybody who still had JAA event Pokémon on their R/S/E games. Hopefully one of you can help. (You have to be able to dump a GBA save though) @Moderators, if this belongs in the "Event Pokémon" board, feel free to move it. If you want anything in exchange... I have a bunch of Diamond and Pearl events, but then again, who doesn't since the WCs are up and most of you know how to use Pokésav :wink:
  10. Dungeon Event (Platinum Wonder Card) Dungeon Event Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Sora no Tankentai Gift (Permanent Shaymin Sky Form) MYSTRY MEW (Replaces 1st Pokemon in party): Baron Alberto Wonder Card Event: Will accept requests for fake TRU, Gamestp, Wonder Cards and more.
  11. Every event hosted on the site is legal. We have done extensive checking and research to ensure this. However, we cannot and will not ensure that all or even some of them are exact copies of a pokemon given out at a Nintendo-sponsored event. Every one of them at the very least could have been, and that is all we will guarantee. By extension, none of these events can be proven illegal by any third party.
  12. I need to know which games the ticket events were given away in. For example, I know that the Old Sea Map is Japanese Emerald only, but I'm not sure if the Mystic Ticket was FR/LG only or if it was given away to Emerald as well. I know the event is programmed into Emerald, but if Nintendo didn't allow you to download it onto an Emerald game, it would still be illegal. I'm also not sure if the Mystic and Aurora tickets were Japan-only, or if the US got them as well.
  13. Alright, so this has been bugging me for some time now. Scenario: You put Honey on a tree. You save your game, then turn off your DS and take out the cartridge. About 6 hours later, you put the game back in and turn on your DS. There is a Pokémon waiting for you to catch it on the tree. So this time, your DS clock reads 1:00. You spread Honey on a tree and save the game. You turn off your DS, then change its clock to 7:00, save, and turn off. You then put your game back in and start it. However, there's no Pokémon there. You have to wait until your DS reads 13:00 for one to show up. The same thing applies with berries. And I want to know: How does the game do it? I know it does not have an internal clock. If the game is turned off, how can it detect that your DS clock was changed? The same thing goes with migrating - though that I can see if it compared your clock against the internal clock of RSE. Does the DS have some sort of method of telling the cartridge? I might try some fooling around on an emulator to see if I can trick it by changing my computer clock, when I know the computer won't tell the ROM I changed the clock illegally. But does anyone actually know? I've been trying to figure it out for a while.
  14. I am not sure if this is the right section but I guess it is Pokemon requests. I am asking to other members if they have the events needed by the site and is unable to dump them in the site/forum. I will help you do it. I just need MSN Messanger e-mail address to contact you, the requester. So I am requesting for event pokemons that needs to be dumped.
  15. Ok so I was wondering if could someone do me a favor and get me the codes for PBR Electivire PBR Magmortar TCGWC 2008 Lucario PR2: Shadows of Almia Riolu PBR Pikachu Thanks.
  16. I have downloaded all the events and wonder cards from the main site and packed them all together since i know some of you have requested it. And i will update it as soon as any new event is added Archanfel
  17. Im looking for UT TRU Manaphy UT Alamos Darkrai with timid nature UT Gamestp Deoxys with Brave nature UT World08 Lucario UT TRU Dragonite UT TRU Shaymin with Rash Nature TRU Regigigas with Naughty nature All Pokemon need to be holding the items they came with
  18. i absolutely need the pokemon, ot and id/sid, game version. beyond that give what you want to give. being run by one person this forum should be less crowded.
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