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  1. I tried seeing if anyone recognized this as a known issue, it's hard to overlook, but since I can't find it, I'll post here anyway. I seem to have found a bug in which .PKM files dragged from a file, into the program... only work with Box 1. If dragging them to another box, it overwrites the slot in Box 1. I've posted a video as an example. Basically, if I go to drag any Pokemon into Box 1, from a file, it's fine. If I change the box to something else, it doesn't seem to recognize that I changed boxes, and continues to replace the pokemon from Box 1. For example: I have Articuno in t
  2. A 4th gen Pokemon that was breed has an Egg met location of 2000 and that data is kept after being transferred to, but it is not displayed in-game. when loaded in to pokegen it displays the met place in a red box with no text.
  3. I have the male symbol in my trainer's name, but I can't seem to find the correct one when trying to set up the OT for my pokemon. There are two in the character list, index 9325 (Appears to be the shorter male symbol) and index 9794 (Appears to be the longer one), so I select both for testing purposes but they both appear as the same longer symbol in game. This means I can't make the OT match my name. So is the real shorter male symbol hiding somewhere or is this a bug? As a side note both of the girl symbols are also the long version. Windows Vista Pokegen 3.0b21 Pokemon Black Action
  4. I recently had problem with a flash drive that got wet. I downloaded my old Pokesav Black and White file that I upload to this forum awhile back. Now PokeGen will not open the file correctly. Version beta 15 showed the images and data from the file. Now when I open the file the generation V Pokemon from file uploaded are not showing in the list for Pokegen.
  5. As the title says, I'm running into the problem of the OT name not saving while editing/making .PKM files. I can enter a name (e.g. Bob) in the space for the OT Name, hit save, but upon exiting PokeGen and reloading the .PKM file, the OT Name is not saved. And, to be clear, I'm looking to save a .PKM file, not edit/save/create a full .sav file. I've searched the forums and Google, and have not seen anything regarding this issue. Then again, 3.0b20 seems to be a fairly recent build. I have tried the following: 1) PokeSav, both B/W and HG/SS versions retain the OT Name. (But they ha
  6. [update 7/9/09]: Fixed Major Bug! If you downloaded this, Please Re-Download it! I have written a small console app that converts *.duc files from an Action Replay Media Edition to the RAW *.sav file type and back, making the Action Replay Media Edition a device that although I loath, more compatible with PokeSave. To use this, drop your *.sav file or *.duc file onto the executable. [Edit]: I forgot to mention it, but this requires the .Net Framework. If you experience any problems, feel free to contact me. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contack me. Planned Features: -GUI -S
  7. I'm not sure, If this is a bug, whether it was just a one off bug, or repeatable, i'll try again later on & I'm not sure if there's a thread on it, so sorry if there is Anyway, I'll tell you mywhole story, since I'm bored. So, I was looking for a Machamp, and went to GTS and put in an offer, Machoke for Machoke and left it there, and couldn't find any other Machoke offers I could do, so I looked at Machamp, and saw Turtwig Any Level/Female Gender (Didn't realise this >.<) , and I had a Torterra, so *yay irl*. So I went to the Daycare, Bred a Turtwig, Hatched it, went back, annnn
  8. So, I was editing some simple stuff for my friends the other day and came across some problems. Firstly, I dumped someones save file so that I could get the .pkm of a Bidoof obtained from the GTS that looked like it might be one of those events. When I opened the save in the editor, the following things happened: 1. The party was MISSING three Pokemon, including the Bidoof. 2. Boxes 4 through 10 were wiped and set to the same wallpaper. Secondly, I dumped another friends save file to change some nicknames around for them. Oddly, nothing seemed wrong about the boxes or Pokemon this time, so
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