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  1. That's definitely the case for me. Shield was my main - I started a fresh Sword file to do Isle of Armor, and hadn't even updated the game before that point. It most likely was at 1.0, but I never played it before 1.2.
  2. What it says on the tin: I tried editing a Sword save file with version 20.06.19 and it threw a filesize error, specifically stating that the file was too large, listing it at 1575632 bytes. In the attached image, a Shield file that I successfully edited is on the left, while the Sword file that threw the error is on the right. The edits made to the Shield file carried over correctly. I had had a hunch that it was due to saving while in the Isle of Armor, but trying a save on my Sword version in Wedgehurst also threw a filesize error. I have not been to the Isle of Armor on my Shield file yet, so it's possible that accessing the DLC area and/or getting the pokedex upgrade is the culprit. Otherwise, I'm stumped. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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