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  1. 8 Bit-Wolf

    Gen 8 Medals

    Does anyone know if medals phased out and is the data for them removed when transfered?
  2. I've confirmed that it is the earth ribbon. Edit: It is a legal ribbon that prevents GTS trade. Is this suppose to be right?
  3. So I transferred a no ribbon one and a 510EV vs 508EV. The No ribbon one was the only one not being greyed out. so which ribbon(s) are doing this?
  4. 004 - Charmander - D35B8457500D.pk7 Sorry for the late upload. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Pokemon injected into UM then up to Home are greyed and cannot be traded. Does this mean they did not pass hack check? Edit: I mean greyed when trying to trade. It treats them as mythical. Will add pk files later today.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation? You are great.
  7. Nature is always Adamant. PID is fixed and after 50+ PID Gen it seems like there is no hope for this little flavor detail.
  8. I would like to gen a 6iv w08 lucario. Will the PID always yield the characteristic, "Likes to thrash about?" Edit: I would like "Mischievous" if able.
  9. I am gening mons. I lost my game, or it was stolen, and i would like my aura mew back on emerald. Small detail: Pkhex only says its legal from ruby and no other origin. Is this actually a thing or a quick fix?
  10. So, I was thinking of how great it would be to create a PKM. Then, extract its value to text as batch references to apply them on to other PKM. met tab, ribbons, geo info Is there a way to do this or does everything need typed manually?
  11. all i did was you the batch editor .Egg_Day=1 .Egg_Month=1 .Egg_Year=2013 all pokes have the error occur Unhandled Exception.txt
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