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  1. I see. But does it matter if it's only incrementing wild Pokemon even if it's symbols/raids?
  2. If you're using emulators, it might have RTC. You can use RTC to move the date forwards while inside the game. It works for the current Switch ones like yuzu which acts like the clock is reset every time the program is closed so you're forced to use the RTC method to advance the clock.
  3. I've noticed that every time I set a Pokemon it'll always increment "capture_wild" even if I grab it from the den and symbol encounter database (it won't increment capture_raid or capture_symbol). It'll also do this if you edit gift Pokemon like your starter and that also increments total_capture, wild_pokemon_encounter, and total_all_battle when it shouldn't do any of those. I didn't catch this until I noticed it said I had 10 eggs hatched when I only made 3 eggs because it counts all the times you edit a Pokemon as a new one and realized it did it for every single Pokemon I've edited mainly just for the EVs and egg moves.
  4. Eloquently put lol. And I got my answer so thanks! It's really only for single player purposes anyhow.
  5. I don't think it's a bad idea to flag it either. But what I'm curious is if it's truly impossible or not. I'm not as well versed in the game mechanics and coding so I genuinely don't know if it's completely impossible or just supremely unlikely. From what I've read it doesn't seem to be truly impossible but I could be wrong. I had read and thought that non beast balls on an ultra beast have a simple 1x modifier for months before I learned from a dataminer it actually is a .1x modifier like beast balls on non ultra beasts. Anyway, I've been doing what you suggested and it's working as intended as well as not negatively affecting me online. I'm just bothered by the exclamation mark saying it's illegal since I don't know if it's truly impossible or not.
  6. What do you say is impossible? For you to be considered a past gen pokemon's ot? Because it's actually not. If you give your gen VI Pokemon the same TID and SID as your Gen VII file's then they're actually treated like they're yours so no exp boost and can be nicknamed. I've tested this myself. If you mean it's impossible to have a gen VI Pokemon have a passport ID value then I know that. But it seems the passport ID value is just an aesthetic. What only matters for the Pokemon to be considered yours is TID and SID. And I can't make the Pokemon Gen VII because I want them to have tutor moves plus legends/unown are unobtainable in Sun/Moon.
  7. Of course, but there is still that (bulbapedia says) 1 in 4,294,967,296 chance of it happening so not impossible right? That's the biggest thing I want to understand. I do get that 99.99999% of the time it's been hacked to do it but it's not technically illegal is it? From what I thought, the legality checker is for illegal, which are impossible, things and stuff that extremely unlikely like shiny 6V gen 3 Pokemon are still legal. Reason I ask is because I want to be seen as the original trainer for a transferred move mon so that it doesn't have the exp boost, I can change the nickname if needed, and so that people I trade the Pokemon to can see my ID and SID if they use a save editor themselves. It doesn't do much else and gamefreak allows you to battle and trade with them so it doesn't seem to affect online.
  8. Yes, and the Trainer ID shown on the transferred Pokemon have the original 5 digit ID. But I still don't see why having the same TID and SID in a transferred Pokemon as the ones that were generated in Gen VII to form the passport ID is illegal.
  9. Ah, the creator himself! I apologize if my post presumed too much since I don't have a millionth of the knowledge you have regarding the game mechanics. However, I'm afraid I don't understand the error in this case. If I got someone's 7th gen ID, SID, and OT/gender, and then made an OR Pokemon be owned by them, it would be legal on my file, right? So if I then trade the Pokemon to that person what happens? Does it become illegal on their file? Or does the latest handler become my OT? Because if that's the case, if I simply changed the "latest OT" to a random person on a past gen pokemon with my current ID/SID/OT would that suffice? Or is it because of something entirely different? I would greatly appreciate the explanation for this because it's the biggest thing that confuses me with pkhex.
  10. This worked, thanks! Something I do have an issue on though, the "past handler cannot be current OT". I understand that is extremely extremely unlikely but is it really illegal? Isn't there still the tiniest of chances that your ID and SID happened to match up with the previous gen's ID/SID through RNG abuse and with the same OT too? If someone gave you their 7th gen's ID and secret ID and I made a Pokemon whose origin game is from gen 4/5/6 with the same as theirs it would be legal on my game, but then once I trade it to them it would be illegal on theirs? Regardless it's still allowed to be traded and I don't see why Gamefreak would ban it since the possibility exists. It's just kind of irksome seeing the little red exclamation mark there knowing that for all intents and purposes it's fully functional.
  11. Landorus (M) @ Life OrbIVs: 30 Atk / 30 DefEVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 6 DefAbility: Sheer ForceLevel: 100Shiny: YesAdamant Nature- Earth Power- Rock Slide- Hidden Power [Ice]- Stealth RockOrigin game: ASMet location: Soaring in the SkyBall:Poke ballMet level: 50 Putting aside the fact that it's a horrible set this Landorus was marked as legal by Pkhex despite the fact that Landorus can only get his hidden ability from the dream radar and not any mainstream games. (pretty sure that means it can't be shiny either). This was something Gamefreak actually managed to look through as I learned the hard way. So it's just a heads up to Mr. Kaphotics that this error exists in the legality checker for the program. Pkhex is an absolutely amazing program and I'm eager to help in any way to make it better.
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