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  1. I got it fixed! as much as i doubt anyone will stumble upon this error I'll share what I did: I initially wanted to find a save editor that could let me change my location to inside the gym, but didnt find one. After the post about resetting the NPC I began to wonder if I could do that through the save editor (i used PkHex). Looking at some event flags I saw there was one about my rival in Olivine City, I set it to "Not Encountered" (or words tothe effect) and went back into the game. The NPC was still in the door but I got am alert and interaction with my rival whose ghostly aparrition came from the door. I finished the conversation, entered the lighthous and came back to Olivine, and I finially was able to get into th gym and defeat Jasmine!
  2. I like this suggestion an got some hope in being able to progress. Unfortunately, no dice, no matter where I seem to go away from the gym the NPC is still stuck in the door
  3. Hi all, not sure if this is the best place to post something like this but im not quite sure where else to turn. The story is as follows: I boot up pokemon silver after a long hiatus and go to defeat Jasmine in the Olivine City gym. I white out because its been a while and leave to get my pokemon healed up. later I return to the gym after remembering how pokemon works lol but am greeted by someone at the door saying "Object Event" and am not let into the gym. As far as I understand this happens when the game doesnt quite know what to do, its just a placeholder. Being stuck, I continue to try and get through as much of Johto as I can, defeating all the other gyms and kicking team rocket out of mahogony town imagining maybe that will move the game to a state where I can get in to fight Jasmine again. But no dice, still Object Event, still shut out. Im not quite sure what to do at this point and so am very open to any suggestions. This is all that I think is keeping me from progressing the story and It would be a bummer to have to start from scratch :/
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