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  1. Okay I've managed to get the same name now by simply just changing one of the TID numbers. Not sure why it's flagging now as I was previously using the same TID/SID/OT. Odd. Anyways, thanks for the assist.
  2. Sorry, I completely forgot to mention that this seems to happen on Pokémon that are traded (or appear to be traded for legality reasons) from a previous Generation (in my case from X and AS).
  3. Hi, I (may) have discovered a potential bug with setting the "Latest (not OT) Handler". In an Ultra Moon save, if the OT name of both the above and "Trainer Information" is the same, the Pokémon is flagged as illegal when Set. The Blue Background on "Latest (not OT) Handler" is there when editing but as soon as you hit Set, it is immediately flagged illegal and when viewed again, the blue background has moved back to "Trainer Information". This did not appear to be an issue in previous builds of the editor. EDIT: Forgot to mention this appears to be happening for Pokém
  4. I'm getting the same error, but I have extracted the .ZIP. Windows 10 x64 with .NET 4.7 UPDATE: Re-extracted all files and now it works.
  5. Ah I see! ^^ Well unfortunately as I mentioned, I have no means to compile the code so I'll have to wait for the next stable release. :3
  6. Re-rolling swapped the gender back and removed the Shiny flag. However (points below)... So it was a bug! Awesome! Thanks for the fix. I'll await an update on the main page as I've no way of compiling. I'm in no rush. Funny enough, it didn't. It was still legal.
  7. Hi folks, Apologies if this is known, or if it's not even a bug and I just don't know how Gen III works! When I try to set a Female Shiny for a Gen III save file (Fire Red), the gender reverts back to Male or if I select Female and then press the icon for Shiny, it again reverts to Male. Tried this on various Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Pidgey, Dratini). ~FireFox276
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