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  1. Yes, it works thank you very much, you saved me from restart the game hahaha.
  2. Hi, I'm playing Pokémon Sword (v. 1.3.1) on Yuzu emulator. Initially I tought that I only have to wait for dynamax a pokémon, but when I watched a video on youtube I've noticed that it should be possible from the first gym but I can't dynamax anyone (I've tried with scratch pokémon from pkhex, pokémon captured from raids, legit pokémon downlodable in this site and also tried to enable gygamax by pkhex) because the dynamax button doesn't appear. I tought it was an issue on yuzu, so I've tried with an other save file but whit that it works fine so the problem is with my save file. I think that it's because I've changed trainer's gender changing MyStatus block with a new female save and I've unlocked dresses with this fashion block but now I don't know how to resolve this bug, please can anyone help me? main
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