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  1. I caught many Hoopas during pogo event. I was able to gen it myself.
  2. Sadly, only way is via cheats..... and it will be ILLEGAL Pokemon and it will not ever be usable in online raids or battles.
  3. you can use ftpd to transfer saves. I use ftpd and I just transfer my saves with ftp client.
  4. Do anyone know if GameFreak take bug reports? Anyone have good luck contacting them about this issue?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is my battle team that I beat Volo in the end and it was very good team. I was able to beat all of his pokemons with 1 to 2 turns. WARNING: Do not download if you care about legality. They are shiny and marked illegal in PKHeX.
  6. updated link https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kwsch/PKHeX/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/items/text_Items_en.txt I am trying to filter the list of items down that the items are obtainable in the sword and shield game. anyone have list of items already filtered to the ones that are released in sword or shield.
  7. what happened to shiny rate? I dont see it in my app here. I guess i will go thru the github commits and see why....
  8. I saw that. I just grabbed latest repo and compiled it myself.
  9. I saw people are doing editted item drop in dens right now.
  10. I did same thing from a banned unit to online unit. I know it is really huge risk but I did it. I am still online
  11. I agree! It is to be expected that I would get banned one of days. never know. Thank you for your page
  12. CaptureSight use atmosphere's cheat engine, thats why you cant use it on sxos. it is your choice on CFW. I would suggest trying atmosphere I have used CaptureSight online and i have been fine
  13. I just use legit game carts and clean atmosphere emunand (zero pirated games) and edizon. I trade straight from my modded switch.
  14. I already know several deaf people who are into pkhex and already have modded switches. I am one of them I use sign language.
  15. blue and black for me I love Cyan/Aqua color
  16. I am sure some of you know me from gbatemp and switch hacking groups. I have been into switch modding for over a year and run atmosphere cfw. I am into game modding and cheating. I also do homebrew programming. next question for everyone, is anyone deaf here?
  17. since I do not pirate games, I just use normal game update and let it update. I have not been banned yet. I use custom themes on my switch (I made them)
  18. best option is use offline emunand for homebrew. emunand is great for testing and saves editing. you just need to partition your sd card and have hekate copy your sysnand to your sd card. only con is that the saves will not be same on both sides. you would want to work on editing your saves till you are done. then boot atmosphere over sysnand and inject your saves. read up my guide at https://switch.hacked.us for more info.
  19. you can edit clothing. it have to be done via photoshop + switch toolbox.
  20. I agree with the slayer. I mentioned about saves syncing between emummc and sysnand in my guide at https://switch.hacked.us only way to get your saves updated in sysnand is disable emummc in hekate or use atmosphere over sysnand option in hekate. then just use edizon or checkpoint to inject your updated saves.
  21. the switch lites would need mod chip. it will be come out soon. I would say in about few months? never know. you can buy old switches off of ebay or pawn shops or fb marketplace. the serial have to be in a range. check the switch serial with https://ismyswitchpatched.com before you buy it.
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