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  1. Thanks. Sorry for any time wasted even asking this question. Please lock the thread
  2. Totally aware posts crying that PKHex doesn't support Legends Arceus, as of yet, are annoying as sin. Being an impatient bell is different to my question though :') As of writing. It's a quite consistent "rumour" that PKHex will NEVER support Legends Arceus on other cheating forums that offer maybe 10% of what PKHex brings with their cheats, because Legends isn't a main series game. Simply put I just want to find out IF there will be an update for Legends Arceus, ever. The cheats you can add to your games on other places are just that, "cheats", those green ticks we get on PKHex go quite far in proving the Pokemon we have pass as legit or not
  3. Sorry, it's origin game when I open it in PKHex is Y instead of OR/AS. Same happens with the WORLD15 Sharpedo originating in X as well
  4. This Event loads up as being claimed somewhere in XY, which I don't think is possible?
  5. I have the same problem with the Movie/Asia Event, I'd guess it's the garbage hack checks as the Fula City one trades with no issues
  6. Thank you both for some actual advice rather than a uselss sarcy comment lol. I have the choice of using Emummc, Sysnand and Stock when I boot Hekate, using checkpoint in sysnand copied the save over to stock, what are my chances of battling/trading from Stock on that Switch of not getting banned using sysnand to edit my save then playing normally on Stock? Assuming I'm not using locked shinies and other obviously hacked stuff of course
  7. Aren't your changes to saved games using PKHex supposed to 'sync'?
  8. I've done everything from scratch from the Github guide after previously following a couple of youtube vids and having the same issue. That I'm having it still probably shows I'm just being dumb. This time however my Switch has 3 different launch options, Atmosphere FSS0 EmuMMC, Atmosphere FSS0 SYS and Stock SYS. If I use Atmosphere SYS the save carries over to Stock, but any changes done in EmuMMC don't carry over to Stock. What can I possibly be doing wrong for it to not work? And I need to be able to edit my saves in EmuMMC and play normally in Stock to not end up getting banned (or not banned as quickly) right? EDIT: I'm using Checkpoint to edit the saves
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