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  1. Gi guys good morning, guys i want to know if its possible to increase the probability about to get a shiny fossil in gen 8 because i watched today it and idk if we can do that in pkhex, anyone knows :0? Because idk if pkhex have that option
  2. Hi guys, im newbie in this and idk how to solve my problem, I have 2 switch and i play in both, but In the first one Is hacked and the other is not, I have a the 2 physical original games and i want to know how to update the hacked switch with original game, 1) can I send the update from the clean switch to hacked vía local? 2) turn on the wifi just for update and more later turn off? Sorry for my basic english
  3. Hi guys, i downloaded the last pkhe version and i saw it can change boxes order with SHIFT and doublr click, but when i did it nothing happen yet t.t what i need to do?
  4. The question is if we can get SHINY h.a. babys from they :'0
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