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  1. CorniFan


    I had an amusing dream a few nights ago about me reading an online Pokemon fanfict and in the fict was this boy who was a Pokemon trainer. And the boy's name was Korrina. I kid you not. I actually dreamed about that o_o;
  2. Out buy the priciest clothing store in kalos lol (aka lumiose's clothing store. ARE THEY SERIOUS WITH THOSE PRICES....) What would you do if you met a real live MissingNo.? :P
  3. CorniFan


    My crush on Korrina has been a helpful tool for my autism. I used to be extremely mentally unwell before getting into her. I rather not get into the details :( But she makes this world feel happier for me now :)
  4. I like spring most Its full of cheer and hope and isn't overly hot like summer is and easter is such a cute holiday and I love all the flowers blooming around me. Summer is easily my second favorite right now I think though. I really like that this summer hasn't been seriously hot yet :) Also, I like eating frozen sweets in the summer. Hmn, maybe i like spring and summer equally now...
  5. I won't give up getting him to like me in the end. I want to be friends with every pokemon i meet! :3 What would you catch with a Master Ball?
  6. Thats okay! I think she's cute too personally xD
  7. CorniFan


    An album for my favorite gym leader :3
  8. I'd have to say my Meganium on my old Pokemon Crystal file I literally thought he was just my coolest 'friend' ever back when I was playing that game and would have so many dreams of me and him training together and stuff. And i'd roleplay about me and him winning the Johto League when I would play outside with my brother. I was just obsessed with that dinosaur haha. I felt my bond with him was like Ash's with Pikachu's pretty much..... ....I miss bonding with my pokemon on my games like that xD; I think I had a good bond with my whole sapphire team, too. Like Meganium, I often fantasized about battling and training with my Blaziken too. It was fun :) On 'newer' games, that I had more so in my adult-ish years, well......I'm not so sure I bonded so much with my pokemon. And....Now its all about my bond with Korrina xD
  9. Shinies are no stronger or anything like that. But they are more special cuz they are so rare, you'd think they didn't even, well.....exist. (i feel i'm a lot like a shiny pokemon really. I NEVER meet many other very girly girls like me online, for one....)
  10. Nice little question to ask. I don't plan on EVER having kids but I would love to play Pokemon games with my kids if I did have them. I'm sure most Pokemon fans MAY feel the same but maybe there's some out there who'd rather their kids not get caught up in all the drama of how endless the games are? XD;
  11. Besides Ash X Dawn I like Korrina X Me but I duno if shippings of characters with real people will count for this thread lol. I do see me and Korrina working well though...haha. As for other character x character ships, i'll say i've liked some manga ships. Red X Yellow is cute. Green/Blue (the girl?) X Silver is also sweet :3 and Sapphire X Ruby
  12. I've been keeping up with BroGamer since around the beginning of this year. His sun and moon edit battle videos with the pokemon anime characters are amazing. EDIT: Also my friend Jackster (another member here) has a youtube account called jackster 136. He makes pearl shipping videos. And they're really good :)
  13. I like a lot of music, but stuff from Pokemon has been my favorite kind of music a lot of the time :3
  14. Technology made me feel alone cuz i didn't meet more girly girls like me on it very often :( That always made me hurt inside. Cuz I just don't understand WHY 'nice' people should like 'boyish' things... I've calmed down about all this since i started crushing on tomboyish Korrina but it still hurts to feel alone in who you are in the world :( And that other people like you are awful people and you can't grasp WHY.