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  1. I know it may sound like the weirdest thing ever that such a timid person could be the same person who tells the WHOLE internet about her same sex crush on a fictional character xD But then again: Life isn't black and white. Also, who says shy people can't be bada**, too? Fluttershy from My Little Pony has faced some pretty scary sh*t herself and ended up being pretty okay. Shy people are not weak. Also, i'm going to continue loving korrina a ton, even if I no longer want to be as extroverted as she is. Korrina has helped me through life a lot since i got into her last year and thus she means the world to me, no matter how different i may wish to be from her now :3 (though i still will want to be cheery like she is. i've got no issues with that VIEWPOINT SHIPPING FOR LIFE! ) Also, blogging isn't the same as socializing IMO. So i'm still going to be blogging on here :P Its hard to say, what i'll blog about, as I become more and more to terms with my now more shy nature. But i'm sure theres more interesting stuff to come.
  2. Good post! :3 There were a few colors I didn't know yet so thanks for sharing this with me :)
  3. I add a like to the post that one member made that sounded really nice^^ I feel bad about making this thread though :( I have a friend who really gets troubled over this holiday. I didn't even know when I made this thread....
  4. CorniFan


    I had an amusing dream a few nights ago about me reading an online Pokemon fanfict and in the fict was this boy who was a Pokemon trainer. And the boy's name was Korrina. I kid you not. I actually dreamed about that o_o;
  5. LOL he did exist though. He was obtainable from a mini game you could play on pokemon yellow.
  6. I read the post.....nothing about my mom in it. Just stuff about other people making things hard for me (which has happened sadly). I may still delete it. I really hate making ANY people look bad.....
  7. Fun line up!^^ I like Mario and Kirby games too
  8. Out buy the priciest clothing store in kalos lol (aka lumiose's clothing store. ARE THEY SERIOUS WITH THOSE PRICES....) What would you do if you met a real live MissingNo.? :P
  9. Its amusing to read about people who started playing pokemon at a much younger age xD
  10. The Highlights Kalos: -Korrina -The new fairy type :) -The Pokemon for that region were pretty neat in general -I like that its based on france since french stuff reminds me of my grandma and makes me feel closer to her (she's dead now btw) -Its a really pretty region in general :3 -Really catchy music throughout the whole games -Quite possibly the coolest starter lines in pokemon are in this region -THE START OF CLOTHING CHANGING IN THE POKEMO WORLD -Custom trainers in general are awesome -The professor of kalos as well as Korrina is also pretty cute -Your friends calling you a nickname was cute and entertaining -Poke Amme!!! -Being able to battle online wherever you are in the game for once -Korrina again. And her anime arc -Korrina even gives you a free lucario -MEGA. EVOLUTION. -Super Training is also pretty neat. Theres likely other things I like a lot about kalos too. :3 See? Not just Korrina~ xD
  11. I don't own pokemon colosseum but i love the music in the game. I also used to think Wes (the main guy of the game) was really hot when I was a teenager.
  12. We first had final fantasy 8 in my house, so I voted that one :P
  13. I played one of my brother's pokemon ranger games on time under a 'quick save' file for awhile (till I lost the whole game and then my whole file was done for xD) It was a fun video game :) I think my starter partner in the game was a pachirisu.....it was a version where you could get more than one starter, i think?
  14. You mean like roller skate like her? Yeah....it would be fun to try roller skating one day :3 If I ever get the chance to. I'm fine with my dreams and daydreams about it too lol If you like I could share some of the dreams i've had about roller skating since getting into her on my blog just for your enjoyment sometime xD That would give me something pretty fun to post about in the future....(some of those dreams i get so funny and insecure in too haha though i guess i can't blame myself for some of it....hmn. maybe o.o)