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  1. CorniFan

    You know what?

    EDIT: I may delete this post cuz its dramatic...(i made a good point in it, at first, but drama is still drama and i need to stop starting it >_<;; )
  2. CorniFan


    OMG this girl is so much like me?! xD Great theme song. Really looking forward to when this cartoon starts Fantastique~
  3. Yay! Sweet themed magical girls in frilly poofy dresses!!! :3 KA-WA-II!
  4. CorniFan


    Ahhhh sweet little kittens :) x3
  5. CorniFan

    MissingNo. AMV

    Like, yeah, d00ds 8-)
  6. CorniFan

    Sweets are yummy

    Here i'll post about sweets i like lol I enjoy popsickles and chocolatey bars and ice cream and yogurt and this one chocolate snack mix and i also really like sweetened oatmeal and apple juice too^^ And i love fruit
  7. I'm such a huuuuge fan of this cartoon omg its so adorable and awesome X3;
  8. Anyone saw this new 20 episode (all released at once!!!) cartoon? :D I saw pretty much every episode 2-3 times now, and I love this show so much. Its really adorable and fun and Oscar and Hedgehog kinda remind me of me and korrina^^ (hedgehog is badass and brave and affletic like korrina is and oscar is adorable and sensitive and innocent like me xD) All the 'people' are anthro animals with big eyes X3; And the counsolers of the camp are 3 witches (the head one being very much the wicked witch type in personality xD). Objects and food have faces magically and talk in baby like voices. Its so cute :) The theme song is so comforting and nice too. I may look for it on youtube and post it sometime^^ I also saw a new equestria girls special, but I don't quite know how to post about that yet. Its for another time, I guess :P I WANNA GO WITH YOU TO SUMMER CAMP ISLAND~(also, korrina and me going to summer camp island would be so adorable and we're both so cute we'd totally fit in with all those animal people xD <3) (i also had a ton of pokemon dreams the night after my first watching of the whole first season xD)
  9. I add a like to the post that one member made that sounded really nice^^ I feel bad about making this thread though :( I have a friend who really gets troubled over this holiday. I didn't even know when I made this thread....
  10. CorniFan

    Pokemon Dreams

    I hope I have some cool Pokemon dreams tonight :/ I may cry if I don't lol Part of whats fun about being super into pokemon again right now is hopefully inducing pokemon related dreams x3; Pokemon just seems like the best thing to dream about to me I am getting sleepy, so....maybe go to bed right now? XD; Dreams about Korrina would rock too. And snuggling her :3 Lots of snuggling...>////< hehehe
  11. CorniFan


    I had an amusing dream a few nights ago about me reading an online Pokemon fanfict and in the fict was this boy who was a Pokemon trainer. And the boy's name was Korrina. I kid you not. I actually dreamed about that o_o;
  12. CorniFan

    Happy 4th of July!

    Its actually tomorrow, but should i not be on due to a heat wave or something....xD May wanna make an actual thread too. Seeing the fireworks again this year is gonna be epic :D
  13. CorniFan

    My manga came^^

    Duno when i'll read it though. I've been feeling ill a lot today :(