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  1. I'm unsure if it was said but will the "glitched" Magearna be uploaded too? Technically, it IS a legal event pokemon because it was given out via official Pokemon means (even if it was an accident).
  2. Are there any other files of the other shiny Unown? I accidentally found a shiny Unown J. Now I feel like wanting to collect all of the others too!
  3. Could the Surfing Pichu from Pokémon Box have perfect IVs and have any nature? Or, is it always fixed?
  4. Thanks for explaining. Just for clarification’s sake, what campaigns are still missing in this PCNY collection? Hopefully, more memory cards turn up.
  5. I vaguely recall hearing that some PCNY pokemon ended up getting lost because someone's girlfriend accidently deleted some data off of one of the original memory cards. Were you folk able to recover them? Is this PCNY collection complete, or will it always be missing a few Pokemon?
  6. lol since these are technically legit event pokemon, will they eventually be uploaded to the event pokemon page?
  7. Oh. didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Thanks, much appreciated! I'm currently backlogged with other games as of now. I may not play Pokemon until next month. I may be too late.
  9. Will there be other flavored variants of this Alcremie?
  10. Oh no, I just mostly want to use PKHeX to start my Pokemon Sword adventure with that lv10 gift Gigantomax Charmander with my ID and SID attached to it. I'm very willing to unhack my switch afterwards. Where do start? How do I remove all traces of hack after I'm done with my businesses?
  11. Hello there! I'm pretty noob when it comes to homebrewing Switches because I hear that Nintendo will ban you instantly if you're not careful. May anyone help me on how to homebrew so I may PKHeX myself some rare candies? I have an old switch, if it matters. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, I didn't make any backups per tutor. I just wanted to get it over with because it was a hassle tracking them all down one by one. I saved immediately after I got all 4 because I was so glad I found everything and didn't wanna risk losing my progress. Thinking back, the developers probably intended for the Heart Scales to ONLY spawn after using up all (or some) in-game move tutors as some form of RSE-related irony. At least the mystery of the hidden Heart Scales has been solved lol.
  13. Yessssssssss. I can 100% confirm that using up ALL the one-time move tutors will naturally spawn the Heart Scales. Although, it was probably only triggered by using up a particular move tutor. I took no chances and did them all just to cover all bases. I FINALLY found all the Leaf Green hidden items, I can finally rest easy .
  14. Lol I will. Hopefully, they'll FINALLY naturally spawn.
  15. I haven't gotten around to using PKHex to unset those Heart Scales yet. I'm still wondering as to what specific in-game event would naturally trigger those flags. I've never used any of those one-time tutors. Maybe the Heart Scale flags are tied to them? No idea how, but this fellow here was able to find the Heart Scales: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l8IekFzPfWg. Maybe it's because they used those move tutors? My oh my, what a hassle!
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