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  1. Ok well thanks a lot for all your support, and all answers. Good luck for all shinies you would like to have ^^.
  2. I have tried again, deleteing everything and it works now, no idea what went wrong at the beginning... thanks for your help. Another question, if you know the shiny will be there in 3 frame, can you reset 2 times, then save the game, and perform the last reset after that? Or this won't work? Is there a chance that I can join your shiny raid the Slayer???
  3. Thanks for your support theSlayer. Well I am pretty sure that I save the game after activating the den. In addition I always make a backup of the game after activating the den. Step by step: - I go to the den I want - throw a seed - save the game - open JKSV - create a save - put the save in my computer - open the main file in PKHex - open the display raids tool To see the difference between mine and yours, may I ask you to share a dump of your save, and see what's happening in PKHex? Thanks again.
  4. Hi everyone, I am really sorry if this has been answered already, however I have checked online and I am not able to find out my answer. I have dowloaded the latest version of PKHex (191209), as well as the Leanny plugin (https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin). On my Switch I am using JKSV to create a copy of my save data from Pokemon (in this save data, I have saved in front of the den I assume to be the den 66, based on the map from Leanny). When I open my save file in pkhex (based on what I have seen, I am always opening the main file), then click on Tools -> Display Raids, no den is checked as active, none of them.... In addition, as mentioned earlier, I am in front of den 66, which is the Ditto den, however in the leanny map, Ditto is not mentioned at all as a Pokemon, therefore I am completly lost... Could anyone explain me: - how to identify the den number? (I have tried CaptureSight, however as I am using SX OS on my Switch, I cannot run it) - In addition, let's say you know the name of the pokemon you are looking for, in my case Ditto, how to find the den number linked to that Pokemon? (den number from Leanny map please, as the other maps are not registered as the one from Leanny) Finally, just to be sure I am doing the right process, before checking information on pkhex, I need to put a seed in the den, then save the data, export the file in my computer, and check information on pkhex. Thank you all in advance for your support... (apologies in advance if this is a stupid question)
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