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  1. A lot I just thought I'd check if there was something specific I need to avoid besides checking for illegality flags
  2. So... My console was bannes yesterday. Im buying another tomorrow so I can play online again. Does anyone know if I can SAFELY trade pokemon from my banned switch via local trade to my new unbanned switch? If so, would it make a difference if the traded pokemon are from a free copy of shield on cfw trading to my legit copy of sword on my new ofw switch?
  3. Is it possible to take my save file from my second account on my switch and upload it to my main profile which has an active nintendo switch account? Ideally I would be moving my main and secondary to my pc, then paste the secondary to my main profile. Is this possible? If so, is it as simple as copying my second save file into the first save folder? Using checkpoint btw Thanks edit: I was considering testing it myself but won't be home for a while and didn't want to break anything so I thought I'd ask
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