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    "Encounter Type PID mismatch"...
  2. It's been 22 years for Pokemon, and 3 years from now it'll be the silver anniversary. That got me thinking with each gen having a lifespan of at least 3 years, it would be expected around the 2070s for this silver numbered gen and around the 75th (or possibly even 80th if some future ones will be extended an additional year for a total of 4 years) anniversary of the franchise.
  3. I'm wondering about whether or not you have pirated something be it movies, games, or music etc. etc... I'd like to hear your experiences, just no mentioning illegal website and download links.
  4. Who are yours? Mine are: ADrive TheKingNappy MunchingOrange GameboyLuke TrueGreen7 Pokemon Insider JPRPokeTrainer98 ShadyPenguinn
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    So I tried Pkhex out and after taking a liking to it, i decided to join its website here to check it out! I'm also interested in doing Quest save editing but don't have the necessary tools for booting into RCM to grab my save, so guess i'll hafta wait till next Friday for the release of Atmosphere CFW.. I hope to see Let's Go hacking with save and ROM editing on November 16 too! ^o^
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