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  1. Version 3.0.0


    Kubfu and both Urshifu forms caught in Violet at Fury Falls.
  2. @theSLAYER There was a random bakup guess I had put auto back up on, got rid of it and its cool, Im so happy it was something so simple thank you for that. seriously thank you very much.
  3. I have one other file in there, got 2 folders ones my main save folder for back up, and the other I titled edit, and thats the one I import and export for editing and I update the main folder when I see the saves stable and not f'd up.
  4. @theSLAYER Is there anyway to get the game to read my save? Or am I SOL, cause I load the save into PKHEX and it loads fine there, just dont know wut to do now, any ideas? Or need me to post anything else that may help you help me figure this out?
  5. This one, this happens to be UM so far no crashes the plugins are gone and it seems better
  6. Here are the other two saves I have for US/UM they load fine into PKHEX. but wont for my games. mainUM mainUS
  7. I did and UM is still crashing, I just deleted them outta the plugin folder.
  8. Ultra Sun says my datas corrupted, so I assume thats an easy fix, Ultra Moon gives me that error message. Let me try turning off the plugin.
  9. Like plug-ins? I did have the no outline set up, would the plug-in be the reason its crashing, seeing the game updated and I would need an updated no outline plug-in?
  10. Sorry been a while since I was able to have time or internet, here is one of my saves, it loads into PKHEX fine, but when I run the game it just crashes, if need be I can grab one of the crash dumps. If you know how to read those. @theSLAYER main
  11. I made the mistake of ending my file with out knowing there was an update to the game, so I edited my save then imported it to the game, then updating my game (was mashing buttons with out looking) So now it wont load and crashes as soon as I hit the game to play. If someone would be kind enough to allow me to have a copy of a completed save file or unfinished save that has the update that would be grand, or any help to fix the issue. If this is the wrong spot or, a thread like this is started let me know Ill make the changes that need to be done so the thread is in the correct spot. Thank you.
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