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Thanks to everyone who offered to help or any input getting CFW on my 2ds 11.2 :)


Right now im stuck trying to figure out how to transfer my Pokemon onto XY or ORAS and if possible Ultra Moon. The main problem I have is I do not have rear camera on the 2ds I modded. I fixed that system and had to remove them. So I need a way to put the pokemon on my SD card and in game. I have Luma 9.1, Rosalina,FBI, God mode everything. I know I went a bit far because from my understanding Homebrew is all thats needed but if their are methods via custom firmware I would be happy to learn, and or Homebrew methods. I have all this CFW and don't know how to do anything. I can get cias files onto my system ect. Until I have time to Seedmine my 11.7-11.8 consoles I'm stuck with this one without camereas in the back (NO QR READER)


I have read and understand their are ways to do it via roms and emulator? will have to play through much of the rom on a emulator and how will that transfer to my system. I probably will want to transfer them to anther save in pokemon as well as I'm going to create a new save file. PKHex is what i'm using and the site Poke Edit. Thanks to anyone who takes the time reading this.

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Figured out everything in original post need help with more, thanks guys
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