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  1. ever figure it all out? I wouldn't mind checking out them if you have them on github or somehting. I'm trying to start hacking Pearl or Planium, rather do peral and add pokemon and put all 3 legendaries in it, but gen 4 just has nothing. B?W have way more just because it was the newest DS game. It sucks really hard fining out how to do things in gen 4, I'm willing to even write my own lua code with a decomp, if I can find some starting point that is.
  2. Where would one start to research how to use these or inject them into a rom or how ever it may be done? I am an absolute noob when it comes to formats, and the over framework and how these assests and stuff work. Any easy to use tools, or a place for tutorials, guides and stuff to catch up. I code a bit, python, coffee script and stuff, I just never got into needing to know jack shiz about encodeing, bytes or any of that, witch may change soon with an idea I have, or want to make.
  3. Hey, wondering if anything special is needed to post a link to an event pokemon. I get events all the times, early on occasion. Is it just linking like a normal file? I have extra codes ima about to give some away here some else where, unless it gets really late to expire time, then post all them here as I know they will be used fast.

    1. theSLAYER


      It's what I listed in the first post here:

      Basically submit the file to that page, include images of the event etc :)

      So read through the first post :)

  4. They were physical codes on the correct game. Anyways done with that.
  5. Hey, it'll flag event wondertrade pokemon. If you even have a code it will sometimes. I even made the game thing I didn't use a code yet to use another and flagged that one illegal too. AT least my experience with physical code Tornadus and Xerneas, also many downlads do as well. I wish we could make the event pokemon just with some extra effort. I'm trying to put every event in one file. Files inside the file with each game and/or gen. It's lomger than I thought, especially if I go through with all Jap events. I have physical codes if anyone has some to trade, I don't want to waste them.
  6. Still looking? I have them, need to organize them through. I also need perfect stat and legal event pokemon and SHiny legendary/Mythicals that are legal. If you have any I can trade/give whatever. I have codes still also about to expire.
  7. Hey, would you guys bewilling to send me the pk files. I'm trying to get a database of all event and rare Pokemon, doubt I will have time to do this, I have to get so many other myself because the files don't exist. That be great, I would give credit where it is due whenever I can post the mass file here, and probably on my site. I could trade or give some pokemon too.
  8. Came across this and remembered I have 5 unused Tornadus codes I'm willing to trade. I would givethem away but I need codes me ssed a lot, don't have people to trade with. I would be happy to trade anyone the tornadus for nothing.
  9. I get the event codes myself, for some reason these ones are illegal, and I went to Target to get the codes myself lol Glad I found this my quest for all legal Event Pokemon in one file based on gen it can be transferred up to is almost done. Need help with more rare ones though.
  10. Seems useful, at least organization, I think it will help what I'm trying to complete, at least on organizing my pokemon or .pk files? Not sure, however seems cool. Edit-I missed the pk files part cool. Hopefully now I can get some help with event pokemon, getting all of them legal up to .pk7 or the highest gen possible isn't easy, I found not mnay sources og event pokemon, wonder trade and special event, like VGC worlds and stuff. One day it'll be done, and up to date on a daily basis.
  11. Thanks, for the post I actually figured this all out by myseld last night and now trying to figure out how to exactly inject the PKhex files, as well as poke edit (the website) files. Wondering if I can inject pokemon into 4th Gen specifically Pearl and Platinum, specifically Poke Edit's files as they are older, aslo they have download of what seems to be the entire game. Idk need to look into it more. Also XY and ORAS I have all 4 and and under the impression you cannot attach items in XY? or you can it just doesn't look 100% legit but nobody would know if your just doing this for you self and maybe trade later? I wish Black and white and even the DS gen 4 games could link, the original games can link via the cored why shouldn't they beable to via wirless, should be an easy update to wireless component you would think. I guess just figure out thwere exactaly to put the files, because I can't imagine just dropping them in the dave and they are their? Or how to edit a pokemon already in your save? Not to worried about that but the knowledge can't hurt. Off to research, amd find a file with every event pokemon. If anyone has tips or methods not involving QR codes message me or reply. My 2ds that has all CFW drom the offficial guide has no rear camereas, I fixed it, bought it broke on ebay. Sadly the day I went to hack one of my newer consoles they updated that day to 11.7 and 11.8 no time for seedminer at the second. Plus seems to be a long process ect. Non the less good post for people who were in my position last night, I for some reason was under the impression I could find the files if I just saved the game (im sure you could) and use check point but I was wrong and this is much easier to find them and back files up, especially for gen 4 games that the battery is about to go on. Big thatks to JK for making this possible and the creator or Checkpoint whom I don't know off the top of my head sorry
  12. It's all good now, I got all the custom firmware from the official guide and figured out how to back up saves with check point. Now just need to know exactly what to do. It can't be as easy as dragging your PKhex or Poke Edit files into the save as shown in the image below? OK, so my thoughts on needing to use an emulator are true? IDK maybe i'm missing something, from the tutorial or it is as easy as it seems. None the less my final goal is to do what this post is about, having pokemon that looks as if I bred them in Japan or on JP cart and console or in another region in general, just to have regional pokemon make it easier to breed for shiny's with the slight advantage you gain. I'm currently just not understanding the tutorial 100% or maybe I am and it's easier than I thought. I'll try and maybe edit this. Don't feel obligated to reply anyone, I received enough help and the Discord is godly. YOU DON"T HAVE TO READ BELOW IT"S EXPLAING A LITTLE OF PREVIOUSLY WHAT WAS GOING ON AND NEEDED HELP WITH THANKS I appreciate the time and trying to help it was a long few days doing a lot of things and figuring out that at the same time. It really is easy, you just need to follow it and take your time without thinking to much into things. I would be able to do it again so quick lol. My end goal is so close and in sight, I could have taken much easier quicker routes not even involving CFW (like using just homebrew starter kit and JKSM) however happy I went the full route. The methods Luma, Rosilina, Bootstrap, FBI and everything else (all thanks to Homebrew in the first place) opened up so much more, than just cusom pokemon. It's to bad I cannot use the QR reader methods, they seem super easy and noob friendly, but the system I hacked has no rear cameras. It happens the 1st day I started researching Hombrew the 11.7 upgrade ahppened or my other systems came with 11.7 one of the 2, then when I catually went to install homebrew and follow the guide upon booting being a noob, I went to check if I could get the Freaky or Ninja gae (not knowing wiiware specifics exsted) updating my other two new systems to 11.8. That day theere was no way unless useing hardware or external use. So I fied a broken 2ds hoping the wii ware was one exploitable without costing money, luckily it was 11.2, however had to take cans out to get it to work. So no QR methods for me. Check point is the way to go.
  13. Mizat


    Not bored at all, oppsite trying to figure something out that shouldn't be this hard. I'll check it out, soon once I figure somethings out and sleep a little. Thanks
  14. I figured everything out thank you for trying to help I have CFW and everything on the 2ds I fixed. I just am going to wait until I have time and learn more about using all the CFW before seedminer on my 11.7 and 11.8 consoles. 


    Right now I am trying to figure out how to transfer Pokemon from PKhex and Poke Edit using an SD card. I cannot use a QR code because the system I modded was a broken one from ebay I fixed, and also had to take the back camereas out for it to work. (go figure 3 2ds/3ds and the shit one is the only one I could mod at the time, seedmine technique wasn't out I tried to start the process happened to be the day 11.8 was released)

    Tahnks to you guys who responded. If i did not reply I was in the process but had litterally 88 tabs open on one window (trying to figure out installing CFW). I'm thankful for those that did try to help.

  15. I picked rock, however can see Poison, Fighting, Dragon cannot see Bug or Flying. Bug, because Leafeon is fairly new, Ground won't happen because there is rock, and Evee is to me more ground than anything (Except Normal). Dragon will happen, but not for a while. Dragon is loved and everyone loves Dragons I mean the F****in Dragons, so they will save that if they start loosing profits and populrity, witch right now Pokemon is doing well, Sun and Moon killed it with most fans loving it. Usually tons of people complain about tons of things with new gens but overall Sun and Moon is loved, even with that crazy hair on Dugtrio. The ice Ninetails and Marawok did help and the island dietys, however I hate Buzzaw or whatever, big red thing. So dragons comming once they make a huge mistake. Fighting I think is honnestly the most likley or assumed, however Rock could have some sweet designs, I may go do some art, Pixle or Drawing idk maybe both. Oh, yeah Poison would be the most suprising I think, and awesome. I want a Poison eveelution and I want it to be the best. Flying wont happen, at least until they run out of ideas, a cat flying and eveelution design just doesnt sit well with me. Fighting could work, however I better not see two ears used as fists with hitmonchan looking boxing glove hands, I would be so disappointed. Speaking of limbs where they shouldn't be, a tail with a rock at the end like a mace, would suit the Rock type, then also rock armor around it, im sure you can picture it. It would be cute, and have great Defence. Steel type I can kind see, I think that would be bad ass, my 3 I want are Steel, Poison or Ghost. Ghost just wont happen with Umbreon and Espeon, however would be a sick addition to a trio. Normal type shoulsn't happen as thats evee, it would be very hard to do, but I think it's possible. It would be for trainers who like their Evee and have it a semi Bulky pokemon with a wide moveset. The more I think rock would be a sick glass cannon thats rock witch is more rare. Dragon could have many designs, look at Vaporeon, the ears and tail, those are kinda dragony, what if they all get duel typings? Dope. I should have voted poison, that would be the best choice, and bug possibly the worse as in design. A bug cat, wtf. Poison just doesnt have enough or at least a main popular Pokemon or like mascot for the type, every other type does, it seems like. Maybe a way to look at it is the types of enegy cards tcg, the GB games are made first but there all combines today. That would leave fighting, rock, ground and steel. So their it is one of those I'll put money on it. I just pictured an eveelution using ears to fly, please no dumbo in pokemon. Shout out to the Poison voter and other rock voter, I can't believe all the Dragon and Flying votes. Dragon will happen but not yet. Dragon Already is popular enough, and flying doen't fit, a fairy type that could fly would fit but we have Sylveon. If duel typing happened Sylveon would get flying, I picture something horrific and terrible about a flying evee, or Happy from Fairy Tail, or Sylveon. How would the flying type fly? little bat wings?
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