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  1. someone found my SID for me. They took a seaking that I had just caught and in less than 5 minutes gave me my SID. I tried my first RNG'd shiny and it worked.
  2. thanks for the fast reply but I don't have AR. that's why I made this thread. I need a person with AR to find it for me.
  3. I want to get into RNG but I need to know my SID. If someone with AR can please help me, it would be great. I don't know exactly what I'd have to do though so you may need to explain a few things to me. Thanks to anyone who helps, if anyone helps.
  4. I just tried walking with phione. It looked terrible to me for some reason. Arceus was kinda cool but he's huge.
  5. I'm trying to get all the gym leaders phone numbers. I just traded a shaymin for a pokemon ranch mew, a pokemon I've been looking everywhere for! I also traded a mew for a 10 ANIV celebi, which I then traded for a shiny staraptor.
  6. on your second spoiler box you need to write . If you don't put the / then it won't work. on topic: I made a thread with a couple questions and a request and would like someone to look at it. I made it a separate thread because I didn't feel it fit the normal format. It's in this section and the thread is named question and possible Request.
  7. I have a legit shiny Kyogre that I got in a trade. It's level 100 though. My questions: If I give you the pokemon, is it possible for someone to change only the level back down to 50? Will doing this cause the pokemon to no longer be considered legit? If you do it for me, can you give me some heart scales so I can change the moves in a legit way? And if you do it for me, can you clone the kyogre before doing anything so that I'll at least still have the original?
  8. RageReq

    xd Pokemon XD

    was awesome and I used it to hold a lot of my saphire pokemon when I restarted and now my gba/gcn cable won't work
  9. you take the oldguycorpse to a man in cinnabar island and he tells you to speak to his daughter in viridian.
  10. I never got a pokemon to level 100. In blue I got Mewtwo to 97 by beating the E4 only using Mewtwo. Thinking back, it was pretty funny. I made it use 'struggle' when it ran out of moves. My highest level pokemon now is my hoenn starter, Blaze(Blaziken) level 98. Followed by 93 Groudon, followed by 78 Ampharos on Gale of Darkness. I beat the trainer mountain thing 3 times to get them that high.
  11. lol thanks. And yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking.
  12. I usually use it on the lvl 70 legendary of the game after I try 20 of a few other types.
  13. I just beat elite 4 a second time(after getting 16 badges) using only my Blaziken(lvl 98). Then I caught Mewtwo, and Articuno. Then got a 10 ANIV celebi and a shiny Kyogre lvl 100(embedded tower) on gts. Currently contemplating how to level up more of my pokemon.
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