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Faraway Island Mew .

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The Old Sea Map was only available as an event Key Item exclusively for players with a Japanese copy of Pokémon Emerald,
which allowed players to reach the Faraway Island, and ultimately battle the Mythical Mew.

For players who rather not use the Mystery Gift to activate the event, simply use PKHeX's Event Flags > Research, and
For Pokémon Emerald: Check Flag 0316 and 2262, then proceed to add a Old Sea Map into the Key Items of the Bag.

This is the only Mew that can be encountered shiny legitimately. (excluding hacks or glitches)

ウルトラ Mew was a regular encounter, non-shiny.
ポケパ-ク Mew was RNG obtained by @suloku and @St. GIGA (and the OT was meant to mimic the PokePark event, and also Flawless IVs)
アイコ Mew was RNG obtained by @InsaneNutter

 Species   Mew 
 Nickname   (default, in JPN.png
 OT   (recipient) 
 TID   (recipient) 
 Distribution   In-Game Encounter 
 Location   Faraway Island 
 Dates   (Various) 
 PID   Chance of Shiny 
 Games   Emerald 
  Poke Ball Lv. 30  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Synchronize 
 Item   None 
  Pound Pound   Transform Transform
  Mega Punch Mega Punch   Metronome Metronome


Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20180512_0857

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I must say your shiny Mew is very impressive! How in the world did you manage to RNG abuse a shiny Mew that has perfect IVs in all 6 stats and 100% legal? Were any cheat codes used in the process? Do you have a more sophisticated PID Generator than the one built-in PKHeX? Please explain your method of how you RNG abused this shiny 6IV Mew in Pokémon Emerald version. Thank you and best wishes ProjectPokemon!

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On 9/13/2020 at 7:13 AM, khodor_salame said:

I must say your shiny Mew is very impressive! How in the world did you manage to RNG abuse a shiny Mew that has perfect IVs in all 6 stats and 100% legal? Were any cheat codes used in the process? Do you have a more sophisticated PID Generator than the one built-in PKHeX? Please explain your method of how you RNG abused this shiny 6IV Mew in Pokémon Emerald version. Thank you and best wishes ProjectPokemon!

Mod edit: wall of text with no formatting incoming. It is interesting information, so give it a read if you have time.

It’s hidden in the spoiler below, so as to not stretch the page.


In Generation III, stationary legendaries as well as gift Pokemon (like the gift Beldum egg) have a PID (Personality Value) method known as Method 1. Mew in Japanese Emerald's Old Sea Map event has a Method 1 PID type and is not shiny-locked like every other Mew event. Pokemon Emerald has a permanent RNG seed of zero the second you save your game for the first time in your adventure. You can't get Wonder Cards (including Old Sea Map) without saving. So legitimate Old Sea Map Mews must have happened on a seed of zero. In 2017 I used RNG Reporter, and for Method 1 Pokemon that have a seed of zero, there are EXACTLY 6 possible PID values that will result in having all 6 IVs be 31. The first spread (quickest PID, has a Timid nature) requires the number of frames elapsed to be around 176 million, which is 34 days. The last two of the 6 spreads require leaving your GBA on for two whole years, and then hitting the precise frame. Nobody in Japan in 2005 after a very elusive event would have left their system on for 34 days. Now, where things get interesting is the facts about shininess. In 2006 at PokePark Taiwan (an event that hosted the Old Sea Map the year before) a Mew was distributed that was VERY similar to the Old Sea Map Mew (Both were level 30, had the same moves, and had no fixed nature), but it had no ability to be shiny. Its Original Trainer's Trainer ID was 60510. The way Generation 3 and Generation 4 calculate shininess is by XORing (Exclusive OR) the two halves of the PID/Personality Value with the Original Trainer's Secret ID (an ID we never see. The real PokePark 2006 Mew had a Secret ID of zero) and the Trainer ID. The earlier-mentioned 34 days spread is 0x7942EF72. For a Pokemon to be shiny in Gen 3, the two halves of the PID XOR'd with the Original Trainer's Trainer ID and Secret ID must be less than 8. 60510 XOR'd with 0 and 0x7942 and 0xEF72 does NOT produce a number less than eight. HOWEVER, if we use a different Secret ID for this Pokemon that will XOR properly with the 60510 Trainer ID and the PID to be less than eight, we will be in business. Out of sheer irony (given the flawless stats and shininess), a Secret ID that WILL properly XOR is a Secret ID of 31337 (elite in geek speak). 60510 XOR 31337 XOR 0x7942 XOR 0xEF72 just so happens to result in the number 7, making the resulting Mew BOTH Shiny AND Flawless, with a meaningful TID and Secret ID, and essentially becomes two Mew events in one. It's a mathematically-perfect Mew. Also, Mew is GREAT with Timid nature across gens in competitive. In Emerald and XD, there are special move tutors for Mew, which can teach the competitive moves Softboiled and Defog, which can ONLY be learned THERE. So the Mew TRULY earns its 31337 Secret ID. It's also a one-of-one Mew due to how PID and IDs work. Also, this Mew was RNG'd in an emulator by Suloku with the help of HaxAras/Korra Royal. All I did was determine the PID and ID values. There were no cheat codes used here. Only thing done was Suloku using turbo mode in EmuRNG. No cheats were involved. I'm sorry for the 3-years-late reply. But yes, this Mew is fully legal. Also it's worth mentioning that this Mew pre-dates the PKHeX PID feature by several years. I just used RNG Reporter, and it took a fair bit of compute time to find the spread, because the spread is so high. Having said that, it was known for many years prior (like, 2008) that 0x7942EF72 was a Method 1 PID that had 6x31IVs. It was just a matter of proving it and proving it being shiny with a viable ID combination. Mathematically it all worked out. Oh, and while a Square Shiny has to have the XOR of PID with Secret ID and Trainer ID be zero, it turns out that ALL Mew this old if shiny are Square Shinies because of the Fateful Encounter bit, which ALL Gen 3 Mew have if legal, and it's what makes them obey at all in that game. So ALL Shiny Mew are the exotic Square Shinies, regardless of PID calculation results. So this Mew is an utter mathematical curio. It was a proof-of-concept. No cheats were involved. Oh and this method will work on ALL Emerald stationary legends. Deoxys, the Legendary Birds, Mew, the Lati@s, the Regis, Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza, and gift Pokemon. The reason people never tried this is due to how long the GBA needs to be on. At minimum 34 days. I suppose you could do that with a UPS and a plugged-in GBA SP, Nintendo DS Phat/Lite, Game Boy Micro, or USB-C modded original GBA, or a Game Boy Player in a GameCube on a UPS, or a consolized original GBA on a UPS. To get the right frame, you would need a means of triggering input, so you would want to make a long-running TAS played via a replica TASBot that presses the A button on the precise frame. Note that cries cause a frame offset, and this changes based on legendary. So you would need to adjust the TAS for the job. Also via Battle Videos you can advance the frame counter quicker. Also in theory one could use an FPGA to drive the GBA clock speed higher. But yes, these spreads would not have been as feasible in 2005. Also, for the real PokePark Mew, it's vulnerable to a trick where you can trade event Pokemon to a save with the Trainer ID and Secret ID RNG'd and the name identical, and nickname them. In the case of the Old Sea Map Mew, you CAN nickname them off the bat or choose ball (Dive Ball looks best, but the 2006 PokePark Taiwan Mew only came in a Poke Ball, so we follow that). Based on THAT, you can nickname THIS "PokePark" Mew as you please so long as it is valid in Japanese Gen3. Honestly this Mew is special because it's a proof-of-concept, in that Gen 3 legends CAN be made perfect. Also, a veteran member of ProjectPokemon at one point RNG'd a shiny Manaphy with the exact same 0x7942EF72 PID, so gift Pokemon in Gen 4 can do this too. It's basically a tech demo for RNG's powers. Sorry for the dissertation.

TL;DR: Emerald has a funny RNG, no cheats were involved.

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