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  1. @drwaxwings This one (second in the list) is the right one: ポケパーク The hex value of the dash in gen5+ should be 0x30fc. For spaces it should be 0x3000. Wikipedia has more. The fullwidth English forms that have Asian-specific equivalent characters in Unicode, are not used by pokemon to save space. If you pal park the mew from gen3 into a Korean HGSS using DesMuMe, and into Korean BW(2) using melonDS, it can be extracted and migrated legitimately into English Gen5 or gen6 games.
  2. Here is the build of Nintendon't I use. It makes Pokemon Box RS work along with Meteor and maybe Negaiboshi. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mEjN_cqIRoC2RIK_YVPFhUkPa_1oV7Gp I got it from Github. It is from 2015. No ExFat support. @InsaneNutter It plays legit discs too, so yeah... I also replied to you on your site with the location for the working disc.
  3. @InsaneNutter Dang! I HAVE managed to get Meteor's Disc to work on Nintendon't 3.23 under Native Control. It actually distributes to my GBA, but I already had Wishmaker set. Please do your file magic with the Meteor disc. It works on dolphin and HW.
  4. I posted the Distro Disk mod I made over on @InsaneNutter's Forum. Check my post history to find it...
  5. I only have NTSC Ruby so I cannot test the Negaiboshi distro. The secret is to only boot the PokeDownload.tgc file, and avoid re packing it.
  6. I injected Meteor into the converted GCM of Wishmaker, and fixed it, before running it in Nintendon't. I used GCRebuilder, GCIsoTool, and TGCtoGCM
  7. If you have wishmaker, you cannot receive the Meteor Jirachi
  8. @InsaneNutter can you build these discs? @theSLAYER Can we get a Shiny METEOR Jirachi based on this info?
  9. There are 2 versions of the sdk code for Multiboot, the ones with the _sync suffix, and the ones without. There is also the SIO code to factor in. Maybe the other version will work?
  10. Hopefully we will see this and the other recreations soon... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)