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  1. There are 2 versions of the sdk code for Multiboot, the ones with the _sync suffix, and the ones without. There is also the SIO code to factor in. Maybe the other version will work?
  2. All you have to do to get MB files out of a tgc is to use tgc2gcm to make it an ISO, then use dolphin or gcmdump to get the MB files.
  3. TGC2gcm and gcmdump, along with yaz0dec, yay0dec, bmdtools, and blitz lunar' decompressor.dont forget szstools
  4. @ajxpk Speaking of event verifications, what are they usually, are they rechecks of existing specimens, ram testing, disassembly, or other checks? Or are they NDA verification? Probably it could even be verification with the real distro rom? Like @Purin's and the Jirachi disc?
  5. Th I was talking about the BGF zigzagoon disc. I beg of you not to think badly of me for this: Digiex's "Japan Demo Disc Possibly Close to Finding It". The intent is not to link to Warez, (slayer edit: then don't link it) but as his site proves, no such disc exists, yes the multigame discs in japan were dumped, but no 2004 demo discs contain BGF zigzagoon. The 2003 discs may have it... that or it was the collector's disc that exists...
  6. The BGF discs in Japan may have been specially marked, but YMMV. Yeah, you may have to scout eBay. @InsaneNutter's site may have the disc, and IIRC @HaxAras has one.
  7. According to Reddit's Ageto Celebi RNG subreddit, you can send Celebi and Pikachu to GBA or GCN.
  8. Firstly pikachu has an MB, I was wrong, and 2, the bonus disc for BGF zigzagoon from Japan is dumped.