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About Me

My name is St. GIGA
This is my top secret area.
Keep it between us, OK?

It's a secret to everybody.
If any human being sets foot here
ever again, let it be a kind
hearted person.
If so, I'm here, I'm glad you're there.
With that hope, I depart.


Anyways, I am a neurodivergent poly* person of all Trades who does interesting stuff all over the internet. I'm also an otaku. I love Nintendo. I do tons of tech stuff.

I use they/them.

I shortened it to "ᵺ㏟", which in wordswapped UTF16LE can read $df337a1d. It can even be interpreted as a physics expression with equal creativity. I created it while bored with no web access.

I do things like soundfonts when I'm bored lol.

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