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  1. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    I can confirm - I have attempted and receive an "Error" from the Pokémon Pikachu 2. The batteries were replaced shortly before trying it, so unless my Pokémon Pikachu 2 is defective, it's a no go.
  2. Migrating Pokemon From Older Games

    You can do it PKHeX, however at the moment there is no way to move anything prior to 6th Gen into 7th Gen using only Nintendo/GAME FREAK methods. I'm sure this functionality will be added once Pokémon Bank for Sun and Moon is released, but at this time if you use PKHeX to do so it would not be considered "legal". The prior generation Pokémon cannot be traded online in Sun and Moon when I attempted to do so. I don't know about battling, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are prohibited there until Bank is given.
  3. Viewing RNG state with spider3DSTools

    This sounds fun. Anybody know how any of the Pokémon are generated in ORAS/XY or the current RNG state address?
  4. Time Capsule Transfer Tool ('pk2pk')

    This will save me a HUGE amount of time. Thank you for this program, Kaphotics.